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Alien® RDWC XL Hydroponic System Operation Video

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Alien Deep Water Current hydroponic systems are an all new large heavy duty design for those wanting to grow fewer larger plants. The growth rates in these systems is explosive due to the un...

Alien Hydroponic Systems. DEEP WATER CURRENT – RDWC

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AHS Systems have brought the next generation of hydroponic systems to the hobbyist and professional grower using innovative design and the latest technology.

DIY Waterfall RDWC system

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This was my most viewed vid from my old channel. super easy to make

My DIY DWC / RDWC System

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18+ only My custom built DIY Sterile Rez RDWC I forgot to mention in the video the ball valves on the return lines are just in case i ever need to service the water pump when the system is...

Soil vs hydro grow test Ep 1 Alien RDWC Unboxing and setup

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Should you grow indoors in soil or hydroponics? We look at both setups and run through the good and bad points of both. In episode 1 we look at the Alien Pro RWDC (Recirculating Deep Water ...

Trident RDWC Bubblers – Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

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Watch the coolest recirculating deep water culture systems in action and see how easy these DWC systems are to assemble. Trident RDWC Bubblers maintain the coolest water temperatures possibl...

RDWC hydroponic system

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Quick rundown on my indoor hydroponic RDWC system. I learned how to make this from medgrower1 here on youtube. 32 gallon water reservoir with Milwaukee Instruments pH reader/doser. 20 ga...

RDWC hydroponics systems

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RDWC hydroponics systems (Recirculating Deep Water Culture) are an improved or “hybrid”way to grow crops versus static DWC (Deep Water Culture Systems). The improvement in plant growth capa...

Kraken Pro RDWC – Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

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Kraken Pro RDWC systems are deep water culture systems that recirculate the nutrient solution through 110mm pipe and fittings. Available in 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 & 24 pots with bespoke systems av...

Trident RDWC Bubblers – Poseidon Hydroponic Systems

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Trident RDWC Bubblers are the coolest deep water culture systems out there. Watch how to assemble these hydroponic systems and see how they run.

Alien RDWC PRO GROW 2 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabis

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Yielded slightly more 2nd time around. Over 1kg per plant. Next time trying a mixture of led and hps. Video Rating: / 5

Alien® RDWC set up video XL Hydroponic system DWC

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Here is a demonstration video showing how to set up the Alien RDWC system.

Alien® RDWC hydroponic system operation video dwc

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Use this video as a guide to operating your Alien® RDWC system. Video Rating: / 5

Alien RDWC PRO hydroponic system cannabis grow

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My first grow in the Alien RDWC PRO system. Temps were way too hot in the summer but still yielded just over 1gpw. Strain is cheese. Used Dutch Pro nutes and budda tree pk. 9 x 1000w lig...

Alien RDWC PRO 1kg plants hydroponic system cannabis grow

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This 4 pot system was made with 1,2 meter plant centres with a Norres pro air diffuser in each pot. I think the diffusers really supercharge growth. Veg time was only 4 weeks. Yielded 35oz...