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Converting a Plant to Passive Hydroponics + How I Prepare my Nutrients!

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I hope you enjoyed this video! Please remember I am no expert and I have only been growing my plants in hydroponics for just over two months. Also, I know there's a lot of information I mi...

Kratky Passive Hydroponic Watermelon

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This video is about planting a store bought seedling or small Watermelon plant into a hydroponic Kratky hydroponic set up. This could be done the same with pretty much and store bought plant...

The Free, Easy-to-Do HydroSock Passive Wick Hydroponics System

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The HydroSock passive wick hydroponics system is inexpensive and easy to make. It uses no electricity other than cooling fans and grow lights. This hybrid passive wick system can grow a seve...

The Passive Hydroponic Method | Start your Indoor Garden

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A simple method to start an indoor garden with passive hydroponics and LED Grow Lights. Grow herbs, vegetables, and leafy greens indoors year-round with absolutely no dirt and no mess! Vide...

How A Kratky Passive Hydroponic System Works

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A quick guide on how a simple kratky passive hydroponic system works. Like the content? Then check out our book, The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Growing Cannabis, at https://amzn.to/2MC3TNb...

How To Plant Your Indoor Herb Garden | The Passive Hydroponic Method

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Start your indoor herb garden with no dirt, no pumps, and no motors! Learn more about the Passive Hydroponic Method and how to plant your indoor herb garden. Grow herbs easily at home with t...

Growing an Indoor Herb Garden | The Passive Hydroponic Method

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Update! It's been six weeks since we planted our indoor herb garden using the passive hydroponic method! It's time to check the progress of the herbs under the HappyLeaf LED light source. ...


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What is PASSIVE HYDROPONICS? What does PASSIVE HYDROPONICS mean? PASSIVE HYDROPONICS meaning - PASSIVE HYDROPONICS definition - PASSIVE HYDROPONICS explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org articl...

Sustainable Micro Straw Bale Cabin with Passive Solar Green Roof

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This micro cob and strawbale cabin was built by local artisans as a vacation rental at the Terra Perma (https://terraperma.ca/en/stay/accommodations/) eco resort and village in Harrington, Q...

2016 Passive Solar Hydroponic Greenhouse

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2016 build of 12.5X8 passive solar hydroponic greenhouse with vertical towers including 195 sites and 13 dutch bucket system. 8mm polycarbonate south and west exposure. 600 liter in-ground ...

Plain 2 Grow System The Best Passive Hydroponic Version 4 FINAL Upgrade! Let’s Grow!

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Hello fellow hydroponics, gardening and farming enthusiasts and subscribers! If you have been following my experiments and trials and tribulations about passive hydroponics, then you might b...

From Passive House to the Cold North—How Vegetative Envelope Components Impact Buildings

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It’s been a year since Greenroofs.com concluded our third Greenroofs & Walls of the World Virtual Summit: Connecting the Planet + Living Architecture, and as promised, we are now releasing t...