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Harvest Lessons: Tomatoes

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This educational video is part of the Upper Valley Farm to School Network's Harvest Lessons Program. For more information or to download lesson plans and mat... ...

Amazing Sweet Potato Harvest: 139 lbs from 3 Potatoes

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Sweet Potato Harvest. This is the video so many of you have been waiting for, my sweet potato harvest. I planted them in April in sand and sawdust and fed th... ...

Red Potato Harvest: How I Got 10X Yield

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I planted 5 lbs of red seed potatoes in a 15' box and harvest almost 50 lbs of nice sized red potatoes. I did not mound or hill the potatoes. I fed them once a week and let the automatic wat...

Bountiful Harvest in the Organic Vegetable Garden

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Today before the rain hits again, we harvest our Green Beans, & Potatoes, Tomatoes, and also check on our summer squash, corn, and take a closer look at the tomatoes.

Edible Indoor Gardening – DIY Apartment Gardens YOU CAN Harvest and Eat

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Edible Indoor Gardening - DIY Apartment Gardens YOU CAN Harvest DIY Indoor Gardening is a growing trend among inner city living. Also knows as Winter Gardening or Apartment Gardening this D...

Succession Planting: How to Harvest More From Your Vegetable Garden

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Sowing or planting into gaps left behind after a crop is harvested is known as succession planting. Filling gaps as soon as crops are harvested will maximize the amount of food you can grow...

“Tower Garden Cleanup and Post Harvest Thoughts” by Epic Gardening

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?Learn more about the Tower Garden at http://www.epicgardening.com/tower-garden-review The Tower Gardens are ready for round 2 of planting! Check out my thoughts on cleanup and harvest, and...

600W Hydroponic DWC Cannabis Grow – 23oz Harvest

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View complete grow journal with details: http://growweedeasy.com/600w-dwc-cannabis-grow-journal Strains: Blackjack & Wonder Woman Grow medium: Hydroponics / top-fed DWC (deep water culture...

Beginners Vegetable Gardening : How Do I Harvest Seeds From a Vegetable Garden?

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Harvesting seeds from vegetables involves breaking apart the vegetable itself, picking out the fully-developed seeds and drying them out before sprouting them. Harvest seeds directly from ve...

Container Garden Harvest & Update #2 vegetable gardening plant raw food

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May 31st Harvesting Fresh Vegetables from the Container Garden and the raised bed square foot gardening spraying bt caterpillar spray and neem oil on the cabbage worms and aphids insects tom...

Kids in the Garden – Sunflower Seed Harvest! ( Russian Mammoth Sunflowers)

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Join me and the kids as we harvest, for the first time, sunflower seeds! Music credit to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. What is the attraction with feedi...

Container Garden Summer Update #4 Harvest Raw Food Vegetable Gardening

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100 Degree Summer heat Harvest . The container garden is growing OK with lots of peppers and tomatoes deck gardening pots kale beets grapes trellis cucumbers butternut squash how to build ra...

Grow Tent Kit – Multi Chamber: Perpetual Harvest Grow Room

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This is the Perpetual Harvest Multi Chamber grow tent kit by Fullbloom Hydroponics. This is a fully packaged kit, coming with literally everything needed to grow - except your plants. Growi...

Cannabis Grow Results Time Lapse To Harvest

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Using Growl LED lights from (http://LedGrowLight.com) and the (http://420growsystems.com/) eco grow pots. You can see fantastic results. Higher harvest, using less energy, less labor and les...

How to Harvest Your Tower Garden® Lettuce: Tower Tips

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Tower Garden is ideal for growing all kinds of lettuce. This video demonstrates two different methods of harvesting lettuce from your Tower Garden: individual leaf harvest and whole head har...