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Agriculture 4.0: How digital farming is revolutionizing the future of food

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The next step in feeding the world's rapidly growing population involves self-driving tractors, precision farming, and Internet of Things sensors to quantify agriculture in vast new ways. R...

FOOD ROOF Farm by Urban Harvest STL – Project of the Week 3/19/18

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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: http://bit.ly/1HAbujW. Urban Harvest STL, a St Louis nonprofit, empowers communities to cultivate equitable access to hea...

Food knowledge grows from Edmonton school's garden

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Growing Food in the Desert: A Backyard Garden by Earth Care Design

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No matter what climate you are in, or what limitations you may have, it is still possible to grow your own nutritious and nutritious food. Permaculture design makes it possible to work with...

Internet of food: Arduino-based, urban aquaponics in Oakland

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The land in West Oakland where Eric Maundu is trying to farm is covered with freeways, roads, light rail and parking lots so there's not much arable land and the soil is contaminated. So Mau...

Tower Garden Update – FOOD GARDENING

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Hydroponic farming looks to offer food stability across Canada

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In the wake of yet another romaine lettuce E. coli scare, high-tech hydroponic urban farming is making a case for itself as a made-in-Canada solution for the contamination problem. It's safe...

Underground Farms Produce Over 2 Tons of Food Per Month

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Growing Underground - An urban farm housed within a previously abandoned World War II bomb shelter. An urban farm lies far below the surface of London, out of reach from any fresh air and su...

Survival Skills: Grow a Vegetable Garden in the forest, The Best Food to survival

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👉 My channel has been shut down for a long time, and now I'm planning to redo video projects but have some budget constraints💰💰💰. Look forward to your support...

Profitable Backyard Farm uses Hydroponics to Grow Food Fast

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ goes on a field trip to Whisper Backyard Farm in Los Angeles to share with you how they are growing food fast using Hydroponics and Wicking Beds ...

FOOD FOR THE FUTURE – A Short Documentary

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Ahead of World Food Day, we’re premiering a new documentary film, Food for the Future (#Food4theFuture). It documents the world’s current food revolution. Global agriculture generates as mu...

InFarm: Vertical farming and intelligent solutions for food production

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Based in Berlin, Infarm has developed intelligent hardware and software solutions that allow for ‘vertical farming’ of leafy greens, herbs, lettuces and microgreens. Each vertical farming un...

5 Reasons Indoor Farming Is The Future Of Food Production

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This infographic has some good reasons why growing food indoors has many benefits over growing outside. http://www.urbanorganicgardener.com/2016/09/5-reasons-why-the-future-of-agriculture-...

A Master Gardener’s Legacy | Son Carries On Dad’s Garden | Decades Old Backyard Food Forest!

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A Master Gardener's Legacy | Dad's Backyard Garden is Now Tended By Son | Tour a Decades Old Backyard Food Forest! Share this link if you like this video: https://youtu.be/kdhYSpxc5wM Thi...

The Genius of Vertical Farming: The Future of Food

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Let's talk about the smart vertical farming technologies that are revolutionizing agriculture. Learn about the benefits that come from this genius farming technique used by companies like Fu...