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Growing Your Own Food Indoors – BBC Click

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Vertical farming, where plants are grown in stacked layers, enables a greater number of crops to be grown in the same space. Yields can be increased further by optimising the amount of ligh...

ROOFTOP VERTICAL TOWER GARDENS! | Episode 2 – Green Food Solutions Interview

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Future Farms and Food Ep. 2 In this 2nd episode, Albert from https://www.vegbed.com/ interviews Mary and Electra, founders of Green Food Solutions based out of the Bronx, NY. They are hel...

Smart Garden Grows Food Indoors With Little Effort

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Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 is an indoor garden that helps you grow your own food at home. It comes with a self-watering tank, a grow light, and nine plant pods. We tried growing some vegeta...

Organic food – hype or hope? | DW Documentary

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There is growing demand in the western world for organic food. But do consumers always get what it says on the label? How can authenticity be verified? Is organic food automatically healthi...

Vertical farming: a future way to feed urban populations? | FT Food Revolution

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By 2050 it’s estimated there’ll be over 6.5 billion people living in urban spaces, and vertical farming could play a growing role in feeding them. The farms use far less space, water, and tr...

Food that Kids can Grow during the Lockdown| Find everything in your kitchen | Gardenup Hindi

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#coronavirus #covid19 #staysafe Jute basket for plants | https://www.gardenup.in/ Keep in Touch| https://www.instagram.com/gardenup.in/ About| In the current times of covid 19, it is gettin...

Terrace Garden Harvest / grow your food /ఇవాళ కోసిన కూరగాయలు #vegetable gardening #madgardener

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Saree links You Tube https://www.youtube.com/c/UppadaBalajiSilks Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Balajisilksarees/ instagram https://www.instagram.com/balaji_handloom_sarees_weavers A...

Hydroponic Farming & Food Production|Grow Food in Control Environment| ہائڈروپونک فارمنگ جدیدطرزکاشت

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#KisanNewsTv #JadeedFarming #HydroponicFarming ہم ہائڈرو پونک پر سیریز آف پروگرام کریں جس میں ہائڈروپونک فارمنگ کے مکمل عملی طریقے بتائیں گے... ہائڈروپونک ایک ایسا طریقہ کاشت ہے جس میں آپ ای...

Photosynthesis for Kids | Learn how plants MAKE their own food

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Photosynthesis for Kids is a great science video aimed to teach 1st to 3rd grade students learn about Photosynthesis and how plants are able to make their own food! In this video we teach ...

Detroit retiree grows organic food in a transformed warehouse

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In 2015 Jeff Adams bought an abandoned warehouse in his Detroit neighborhood and installed hydroponic racks 5-levels high to grow food year-round. In a city with potential freezing weather f...

What to Sow in August 2020 | Easy to Grow Food | Self-sufficient Vegetable Garden.

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What to sow in August. Easy to grow food. What can I sow in August? Here are some seeds to sow in August for continued harvesting throughout the year and a self-sufficient vegetable garden. ...

Fresh for Florida Kids Food Garden – Weeding the Garden

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Nathan, "The Man in Overalls" shows you how to weed your garden correctly and why it is important to do. Video Rating: / 5

School gardens are improving food security in Fogo island, Cape Verde

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The initiative of school gardens on the island of Fogo (Cape Verde) facilitates access to fresh and healthy food for children and young people on the island. It ensures its food security thr...

13 Essentials For Growing Your Own Food!

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So you have finally realized you are sick of being sick and tired and want to be happier and healthier? Good for you. Now that you are ready to get real about your well being and grow your o...

'No Rules' Vegetable Gardening | A Different Way of Growing Food | An Introduction

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In this video, I explore the method of intuitive gardening, which can also be called 'no-rules ' gardening as a different approach to growing food. I explain how the way I am gardening this ...