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Pure Farms Indoor Farm KES1 – Climate Controlled

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Pure Farms Indoor Farm KES1 - Climate Controlled

Dubai-based Badia Farms, brings high tech vertical farming to the region

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The GCC’s first commercial vertical farm, Badia Farms, is plating the green shoots of innovation in the regional agri tech sector by growing produce in an environment which requires 90% less...

Indoor Farms

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Our seventh annual Builders + Innovators Summit on October 17-19, 2018 brings together emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs from a diverse set of industries. Bowery Farming is a modern farmin...

Hicksford Farms Oklahoma – Commercial Medical Cannabis Grow Facility – Harvesting the Optic 8 Room

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This is an educational documentary about legal Medical Cannabis production in the state of Oklahoma. Hicksford farms is legally licensed as a commercial medical cannabis producer and operate...

Vertical Farming: Farms of the Future? The Pros & Cons

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Vertical Farming: Farms of the Future? The Pros & Cons Video Rating: / 5

Hydroponic Tomato Farming | Weekly Plant Maintenance | Wishwell Farms vlog 10

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Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse with the Dutch Bucket System (soil-less farming) is very labor intensive. In this video I will explain the 6 weekly tasks that are required to keep the plant...

Robot for picking Vegetables in Indoor Farms

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A startup named "Root AI" is working on develping a Robot for picking vegetables in Indoor farms. Video Source: Root AI News Sources: https://techcrunch.com/2018/08/08/your-vegetables-are-g...

Why Wind Farms Are Bad for the Environment

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Wolfgang Müller, General Secretary of the German organization EIKE, or The European Institute for Climate and Energy, talks about the environmental impacts of wind farms. He concludes they a...

Indoor Farms of America Story

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Farm all year around for your local market with a farm from Indoor Farms of America. The worlds best indoor agriculture equipment. Vertical aeroponic farms grow more in less space than anyth...

Unboxing – Darwin Penta (Hydroponic Starter Kit for Beginners) – Future Farms (India)

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Meet the Darwin Penta! The Darwins are our line of Hydroponic starter kits. This is a quick unboxing video for the Darwin Junior from Future Farms. This kit is perfect for beginners - and ...

Box Greens Hydroponic Farms in Shipping Containers – Sustainable Sourcing | The Barron Report

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Box Greens offers urban South Florida access to hydroponic box farms filled with fresh leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens. Barron and Merkle explore the science behind hydroponic farming, ...

Indoor Farms

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Ocado has invested £17m in developing so-called "vertical" farms.

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Vertical Farming is gaining traction in the UK, with Ocado Group ploughing £17m into the industry. 🌾🥕🍅 Video Rating: / 5

Reducing Recidivism through Second Chances with Vertical Farms | Ajit George | TEDxRoadTown

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To reduce the high recidivism rate in America requires giving second chances to men and women returning from prison. One way to do this is hiring and offering green collar jobs and turn-key...

Vertical farms/aero farms

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