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How to build Cheap Green Roof – Experiment 12.5.2019

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Paypal donate link: any amount helps to support my channel and my family. Thank you. www.paypal.me/jkpguy This is an experiment of installing green roof for my chicken so I can observe what...

Hydroponic vs aeroponic experiment day 1

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Trying to see how the two technologies compare

Kratky Tomato Nutrient Experiment FULL Video

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I do a small experiment testing out 3 different nutrients on the same tomato plants in the same systems. who you do think will win? LINK TO NUTRIENTS, http://www.vitalink.eu/nutrients/vital...

Vertical Hydroponic Lettuce Experiment Week 5 – HydroVert farms

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http://HydroponicSystemShop.com to search and compare retail and DIY hydroponic systems. Week 5 in the system and the roots are really taking off. The plants are looking healthy directly u...

Final Results – Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment

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I've been working on an experiment comparing water soluble fertilizers for hydroponic growing. Here is how it began: http://youtu.be/oeLd2SP0c6U The final results are in. When it comes to ...

Hydroponic Gardening experiment | Kratky Method | Cucumber Plant | Soilless cultivation

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Attempt to do hydroponic experiment. Will update you with further progess in my upcoming videos. Video Rating: / 5

Fable Farms Garden Tower 2 Grow Test: Food Freedom Experiment – Do Garden Towers Really Work?

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Follow this blog (many updates coming to the test!) at http://www.gardentowerproject.com/news/towerpower-blog Sign up to win free Garden Towers right now here: http://bit.ly/Fall-Planting-G...

Easy Hydroponic Tomato – No Pumps! Growing Fast! Experiment DIY

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http://easygrowsit.com A very easy and simple hydroponics system that's perfect for the beginner... The nutrients I use here are the 3 part General Hydroponics three part flora nutrient ...

Experiments to do at Home! 14 DIY Science Experiment Ideas for Kids!

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Experiments to do at home – DIY science experiment ideas for kids! In this video I show 14 experiments to do at home, which are perfect DIY science experiments for kids, children and everyon...


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LEARNING GARDENING WITH MJ Growing Lantana with NON DECOMPOSED Cow Dung Cakes AN EXPERIMENT VISIT MY BLOG learninggardeningwithmj.blogspot.com Video Rating: / 5 ...

Winter Hydroponic Outdoor Experiment with Solar Pump

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I am attempting to grow Tatsoi and Lettuce outdoor during winter. For a bubbler, I used a solar powered water pump, a very neat little system that works great when the sun is out. Due to t...

Organic Hydroponic Fertilizer Experiment Nov 2013

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I'm trying a new fertilizer in my hydroponic setup. This is an organic product derived from duckweed. See how it did in comparison to the 4-18-38 tomato formula that I have been using for qu...

Kids Hydroponics experiment DIY

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Very Low cost deep wig type hydroponic experiments for kids, using peat and tomato seads. Good introduction Primary school experiments. Video Rating: / 5

Venturi Experiment – Small DIY Venturi for Hydroponics, Aquaponics or Aquariums

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Rob's DIY Venturi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZMjDgM3LaU I recently watched Rob Bob's (bnbob01) DIY venturi video and it looked like so much fun I thought I'd try my hand at making a sm...


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If you watched my "40 Facts About Me" video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcmSD... ) you should already know that gardening + me = EPIC FAIL...so when I found some indoor gardening kits,...