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How indoor farming is transforming agriculture and curbing climate change

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Irving Fain - Bowery Farming Founder & CEO joins Yahoo Finance’s On The Move panel to discuss how the vertical farming company has expanded into more than 650 U.S. stores as well as break do...

Pure Farms Indoor Farm KES1 – Climate Controlled

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Pure Farms Indoor Farm KES1 - Climate Controlled

Farming and Climate Change: 'Any Questions' panel with Jonathan Dimbleby

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At our recent conference, "Farming and Climate Change: Towards Net Zero Emissions", a lively session of ‘Any Questions’, with a farming slant, was led by Jonathan Dimbleby, addressing an arr...

Climate Change: What it Means for Our Agriculture and Our Health – Future Thought Leaders

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(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) A panel of experts discusses climate change and its effects on our agriculture and our health, while also offering insights into how we as individuals can work t...

Permaculture Design Course 09 Climate and Landscape Profiles

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Indoor Agriculture Climate Control

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Industrial HVAC unit for indoor agriculture - including cannabis growers. Comprehensive control for temperature, dehumidification and CO2. gPod by Data Aire was specifically designed and e...

Hydroponic Climate Controlled Greenhouse Pakistan-Huge harvest of Cherry tomatoes

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#HydroponicGreenhouse #HydroponicCherryTomatoes #PakistanGreenhouse Huge harvest of Sweet Cherry tomatoes from Hydroponic Climate Controlled Greenhouse Pakistan-Pakistan Hydroponics. Averag...

Combining agricultural, forestry, and climate change agendas in Europe – Christian Dupraz

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www.fao.org/climatechange/micca/ Christian Dupraz of The French Association of Agroforestry and President of the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF), introduces agroforestry initiative...

Future of Food: Farming in the age of climate change

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As climate change worsens and the global population rises, we risk food shortages worldwide. Are organic farming and hydroponics the key to farming's future? SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/kdDpX...

This Farm in Mexico is Growing a Solution to Climate Change (HBO)

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Ricardo Romero inherited a former cattle ranch in Veracruz, Mexico, from his father decades ago. Since then, he’s turned the land into the Las Cañadas Farm Cooperative, a place that’s at the...

The Great Green Wall of Africa: Will it help fight climate change? BBC Newsnight

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Climate change poses huge challenges and some projections say it will cause hundreds of millions to become refugees. Desertification in sub-Saharan Africa plays a big part of that, and that ...

Adjusting to climate change: Gardening classes for pupils in Lesotho

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Knowledge goes a long way to minimising the effects of destructive weather conditions such as droughts which southern Africa has experienced on a massive scale in the past year. In Lesotho, ...

Green roofs can help cities adapt to climate change

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Dusty Gedge, president of the European Federation of Green Roof Association says that growing a garden or a lawn on building roofs has multiple benefits, including relief from heat island ef...

Green roofs in Australia to tackle climate change

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SHOTLIST Melbourne - June 10th, 2008 1. Close up pumpkins on roof 2. Wide shot Katherine Wilson on roof top throwing pumpkin down to Geoff Wilson 3. Mid shot Geoff Wilson catching pumpki...

Rooftop gardening in Kathmandu -A climate change strategy

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Video produced in the context of a UN Habitat -- RUAF Foundation project on "Urban and peri-urban agriculture as a city climate change strategy" implemented in cooperation with ENPHO, Kathma...