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Stay on top of the Greenroof & Greenwall World by subscribing here: Developed by Madinet Nasr for Housing & Development (MNHD), Tag Sultan in Cairo is the first phase of the visionary Teegan Development. Tag Sultan offers a unique living experience with diverse residential unit types to suit all tastes and needs: apartments, duplexes and villas with distinguished contemporary designs and a wide range of spaces, spread over 300,000 square meters. Built with the purpose of a lively and healthy lifestyle, the colorfully planted compound is centered on a large landscaped public park. But due to electrical needs, 11 generator rooms were placed in spaces originally allocated for green areas and obstructed the landscape view. The Schaduf team came up with the idea to cover all those rooms that dot the flowing design of the compound with hydroponic green walls. Designed by Schaduf landscape architects, the challenges faced were that the green walls, the irrigation system, and water pipes had to be built with proximity to electrical wires. Completed in five months, they designed a three layered model: the first layer is made of steel studs to form the base, the second is an isolation layer, and the final layer is the geo-textile where the plants are placed. The last part of the process was deciding on the type of the plants depending on the sun direction, amount of natural light during the day, the climate, colors combination, and water needs. As the Egyptian climate is hot and sunny, plants like the Spanish cactus and Schefflera that can retain water and tolerate sun were chosen. The objectives of the Tag Sultan Generator Room Green Walls were to: cool the micro climates around the generators, reduce sound pollution, blend the buildings with the landscape, and improve the experience through design […]

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