The outdoors, like the indoor one, now knows no borders. Open spaces, both public and private, are increasingly enriched by furniture and furnishing accessories, including tables and chairs. The latter, which have always been ideal accessories for the home and garden, in recent years have evolved into increasingly safe and sophisticated shapes and materials able to satisfy any need. The garden tables and chairs are made of many materials: wood, iron, concrete, wicker, plastic. Some materials are cheaper than others, but the choice will always be made on the basis of the style of the garden or your aesthetic tastes. Wooden tables and chairs are often made of teak, the main material of all outdoor furniture. Teak wood is resistant to external agents (sun, rain and frost) and is suitable for spaces where the main elements are made of wood. Teak is often treated and painted to create tables and chairs in darker or lighter shades. The disadvantage of wooden tables and chairs is that they can be damaged by scratches and trauma. The iron tables and chairs can be made in two styles: classic or modern. In the first case there will be tables and chairs in wrought or forged iron, … continue

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continue …, in the second, in iron or anodized aluminum. The wrought iron is hot worked by master craftsmen who “forge” parts of the furniture in sinuous and rounded shapes. Wrought iron furniture is very expensive, but it allows you to decorate outdoor spaces with an elegant and refined style. The tables and chairs in anodized aluminum, on the other hand, are more modern or minimalist solutions, in which the shapes of the furniture are straight, square and sometimes painted. Anodized iron tables and chairs are often foldable and transportable furniture, suitable for out-of-town picnics. The iron furniture must be kept away from external agents and perhaps protected with sheets when not in use. Periodically it is also necessary to resort to specific paints that hide traces of oxidation. The concrete tables and chairs are made with the key building material. It is therefore a question of real masonry works. The concrete can then be painted or tiled. Concrete tables are ideal in country houses always made with masonry kitchens. The disadvantage of concrete is that it is difficult to clean. The wicker chairs and tables are made of a woven plant fabric that gives the outdoor environment an exotic atmosphere. Plastic tables and chairs are the cheapest and are suitable for modern spaces where plastic is the predominant element.

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