Synergy Session: The Benefits of School Gardens with Emily Doyle

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The Greenhouse at St. Francis School in Habour Grace has long been an important part of the school and the community, and over the past year, Community Health and Humanities PhD candidate Emily Doyle has looked at just how important. Emily spoke with students, teachers, community members, and government officials to hear from them the perceived benefits and challenges of the St. Francis School garden program, and learned how the greenhouse has enhanced learning for students, enriched partnerships with the community, and has had an impact on social, economic, and health factors like outmigration and healthy eating. From this, Emily has also identified the challenges of sustaining such a program, and will discuss how these lessons can help other schools and communities grow gardening programs of their own.

Emily Doyle is a PhD student in the Division of Community Health and Humanities. The topic of her research, the health benefits of school gardens, is closely tied with her passion for NL food systems development. Emily is actively involved with a number of local food initiatives including “Growing in Pippy Park” and the development of the O’Brien Farm.
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Lafayette Parish teachers and students are learning how to incorporate the outdoors into their classroom with a help from the LSU Ag Center.

Synergy Session: The Benefits of School Gardens with Emily Doyle

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