The swing is a game that follows the entire evolution of the child’s growth. There are several models on the market. Everyone can decide to buy a model that can have a suitable size even when the child has grown up or choose to buy a swing for each stage of growth.


swingsThe swing consists of a structure that is fixed to the ground, because it must guarantee a certain stability and safety to the child who is swinging. In this case we refer to the swing that is installed in the garden, since it is also possible to buy swings that can be used by babies, but which certainly have a completely different structure from the swing as a garden game. In this case we refer to a swing made with a rather solid structure where the child, in addition to being able to swing, begins to make contact with the first games. Moreover, it is also a multifunctional toy because it can be transformed into a comfortable baby carrier or it can be used during the weaning phase of the child as a high chair. To be able to sit on it, the child must have a weight that does not usually exceed five kilos, although it always depends on the model of swing that has been purchased. For this reason, when buying a swing for babies, you must always carefully read all the information on the package, because the structure, beyond a certain weight, can no longer guarantee the safety of the child. Returning to the classic swings, let’s start the analysis starting from the one made of plastic. To substantially differentiate the various models of swing is above all the structure, which can have one or two seats, and above all the shape of the seat itself. When the swing is purchased for a child, a closed seat is always chosen, i.e. a structure where the child is more protected. Despite being made of plastic, this swing still guarantees excellent stability, is weatherproof, and is difficult to discolour. Color fastness is referred to precisely because most of the garden toys for children have rather bright and lively shades. The swing with the seat open is suitable for older children as the structure also supports a certain weight and can be used without problems by the adults themselves. The swing in the version with two seats is very useful if you have two children, because they can both use it at the same time. The swing can also be made of wood and in this case it looks a lot like those seen in public parks. Particular attention must be paid to the fixing of the structure, which must guarantee safety to the child but also be able to withstand the elements, as it will remain exposed to the outside for the entire winter period. The space in which to place the swing must be quite large, so that the child can have the possibility to swing without problems.

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As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the swing models on the market are very different. Everyone will be able to make a choice based on the model that seems to be the safest for their child and with reference to the expense they want to face. Usually the swing is a garden game that is always present, perhaps next to the slide. Together, in fact, they represent two elements that attract a lot of children’s attention. The choice of buying a single swing that can be suitable for all stages of growth or buying one for each stage depends on the parent, who must pay attention however as, buying a rather small swing, it may not be corresponding and suitable the weight of the child, even if it refers to that particular age

The children’s swing made of plastic can be assembled quite easily and inside the package there are all the information to be able to assemble it in a short time. Those made of wood or other materials are usually transported and assembled from the shop, because it is often a rather bulky structure that the customer does not always have the possibility to transport personally. The fixing takes place directly in the ground, and for greater safety a small plate is used on which the maximum weight that the swing is able to support is indicated. It is advisable to follow the instructions carefully because exceeding that certain weight the swing may no longer be safe.


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