As an alternative to the sliding gate, you can choose the swing gate, which occupies less space than the sliding gate and is easier to install in any type of home. The size of the door is proportionate to the space available, and therefore there is no constraint as is the case for the sliding gate.

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gatesThe swing gate can be made of iron, wrought iron or steel, and depending on the type of material chosen, specific clarifications must be made. The swing gate made of iron or wrought iron has a rather considerable weight, so if you decide to equip it with an automatic system, the stop must be chosen in relation to the weight of the door itself. The swing gate, made of iron, can also be equipped only with manual opening, which takes place through a handle, while closing is made particularly safe by a lock. The gate can also incorporate both systems and allow the customer to use them according to his needs. The automatic system provides for the installation of a motor, which is chosen based on the weight of the leaf that it will have to operate.

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The safety of the automatic gate is given by the presence of a photocell that immediately blocks the movement of the gate if there is something in front of it that prevents you from having a free field. Where there is a swing gate with automatic opening, in the event of a power failure or the occurrence of a fault, the customer can resort to the manual opening system. The swing gate can be operated directly from inside the house by connecting the gate cable to the intercom. The gate is defined as a swing gate as one leaf strikes the other for closure. In the case of the automatic system, the movement is rather slow to prevent the gate structure itself from being damaged. When the swing gate suffers a fault in the electrical part, it must be used in the manual opening version and in the meantime be activated so that a specialized worker can repair it. Failures are usually quite rare if you use it wisely.

The swing gate made of iron is equipped with two side columns on which the leaf is supported, which is why the column must necessarily have a greater weight and be perfectly placed inside the hole created specifically for its housing. The column can become a decorative element together with the gate, as it can be made both in a rather simple way and by reproducing the same motif of the gate. The gate is only damaged by a violent impact. If only one leaf in the gate is damaged, only that part will be replaced.

The swing gate made of wrought iron is directly commissioned from a blacksmith who will carry out all the work by hand and this involves a significant increase in the price. Certainly the appearance of this type of gate appears considerably different when compared to that in steel or iron, and also offers the customer the possibility of having a high degree of customization of this element. The gate is generally left in its natural color but can also be painted according to the color that the customer prefers. The swing gate has a structure that must integrate perfectly with the rest of the fence and must be chosen according to the specific tastes of the customer as it appears the first element that strikes those who visit the home.

The costs of the swing gate vary according to the model chosen and the material that is preferred to use for the realization. Each swing gate is original, the customer can choose the model that best matches the style of his home also through a catalog which will show all the various models, each of which can be adapted to the size of the space intended for the installation of the gate. Being an element that immediately catches the attention, it is essential to have the correct maintenance of the structure so that it can be preserved in its original state. Specialized retailers often associate the sale of the gate with the sale of the fence so that the customer can refer to a single specific model to create a continuity of style. Today, in most cases, everyone chooses the solution of the swing gate with automatic opening so that you can have the convenience of opening and closing the gate without getting out of the car every time.


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