Suzhou Lion Mountain Park designed by TLS Landscape Architecture

The City of Suzhou, China announced that TLS Landscape Architecture in Berkeley, California has become the winner of the Lion Rock Park design competition. The new city park covers an area of ​​74 hectares and is built on the basis of the old amusement park and pond, with Shishan (Lion) Mountain as an anchor point. The park will become a key supporting facility in the newly developed Suzhou High-tech Zone. Lion Mountain forms the core of a new urban ecosystem complex and is connected to the newly expanded Shishan Lake through a huge circular corridor, which also organizes new development plots surrounding the park. An extensive public art project will draw on local culture and artistic traditions in this ancient city center, known for its historical core, architecture, and courtyard gardens listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By creating a new sustainable watershed-collecting annual rainfall and naturally clean the new development zone, the scale of Shishan Lake will be doubled, and its water quality will be improved from a turbid level 3 to a sparkling level 1. As the circular promenade unfolds around the site, it will become the main place for daily social life based on the famous Ten Views of West Lake in Hangzhou. Source: TLS Landscape Architecture. Information item A as the architecture-discovery architecture.


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