We showcase a few homes we have designed and the sustainable green building techniques that we will be applying. These projects are still in planning and initial design phases and we will be adding other off-grid strategies for your homestead dwellings in the future. This home has net-zero potential and will implement a passive solar design strategy.

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Sustainable Off-Grid Home Design – DIY energy efficient green passive solar and affordable!

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  • Christina McFarland

    What a wonderfully informative video! We are doing our research and we were wondering about the slab on grade idea paired with a greenhouse. Can you use it on level clayey loam soil? The property is two miles from a river with a high water table. Thanks!

  • Ken Cherry

    So how would the structure hold up to a tornado or should there be a strong room built into the structure? I love the house and the work you are doing. The green house how would plants be placed there ? Like a large container garden ? What would be the R values related to the windows and doors? The windows would be triple glazed with argon gas or ? Would they be Storm proofed? Will the house have hurricane straps to hold the structure together in high winds? What about computers, tv satellite and car charging? What about the plan you have plus geothermal heating and cooling for the whole house? Heat pump hot water? How do you move fresh air through the house?

  • Linda P

    Have you ever considered putting the majority of the house underground? That would protect it from storms, fires and would be much easier to keep it at a good temperature as the ground would be great free insulation.

  • Paul Kuenn

    Under the Southern side greenhouse, add a 2000 gallon buried tank (sitting on recycled EPS foam) with cheap used thermal water/glycol panels (ground mounted). All summer the water in the tank will heat up and release from Nov to January to heat greenhouse and house. By February, when the sun is high again the tank will gain heat again. We grow citrus fruits in NE WI when it's -20F outside. Used farm tank, used 80s panels (always on Craig's list) with little else spent on pump and tubing.

  • Karl Hussong

    If you haven't already, look up Joe Lstiburek as well as Matt Risinger. They have a wealth of information in the construction of high performance homes. Wish you well on this project!

  • Trebeca Itzen

    Great job on this, we were going to do an earthship build but due to the counties restrictions we'll be doing something similar to what you have here. What program are you using here? Thanks!

  • Hobbs Lane

    Great video. Covered main space and energy efficiency key points. Looking into 1200-1400 sq ft 2 bedroom slab, off grid house and your vid was helpful for construction principles to consider. Solar and wind power and battery advancements along with multi fuel source ultra high energy furnaces really open up options. Compost toilets and grey water septic simplicity are additionally easy and inexpensive. These concepts along with your energy-efficient points can make a home more economically and environmentally appealing. Well done.