Added by on 2016-08-23 Feed your Mind, Body and Spirit Chef John Mooney shows off the rooftop farm above his soon to open restaurant, Bell Book & Candle. Mooney plans to grow nearly all of the produce used in his restaurant on the roof, which utilizes an aeroponic system where plants are held in vertical towers that provide a nutrient-rich solution, using no soil. Because the solution has a regulated temperature, Mooney says they are able to grow 10 months out of the year. He also contends that the vertical setup not only saves space, but provides a more rapid growth for the food. The benefits of the setup are obvious. With food going directly from the harvest to the consumer’s plate, there is no need for energy-consuming transportation or the chemicals and refrigeration used to preserve products in that process. His patrons get the freshest possible meal, as a result. “I believe, especially in an urban setting, that this is the wave of the future” Visit: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFuture Growing Rooftop Tower Garden Farm at the Bell Book and Candle restaurant in ManhattanAponic Vertical Aeroponic Sustainable Growing SystemA Rooftop Garden – Restaurant in New York CityHow to Grow an Urban Rooftop Container Vegetable GardenVertical Aeroponic Technology: See How Tower Garden® WorksFAO Bangladesh Roof-Top Garden

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