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  • Janet Withers 1 month ago

    drink water… I am concerned you are not getting enough fluids in your body. It is a wonderful video and I respect and honor all the hard work you do with simple tools. Bravo !!

  • Janoue Martin 1 month ago

    why ashes please

  • carolina 1 month ago

    you need make a watering can an a hoe to complete your garden tools!❤

  • So beautiful

  • Зоя Азаренко 1 month ago

    Зачем посыпать золой, от вредителей или для удобрения?

  • E372727 Wu37 1 month ago

    Do you own that piece of land? Cool vid guys

  • Thayse restauração, pintura e é reforma ********* 1 month ago

    Amo ver seus vídeos!

  • Miriam Tong 1 month ago

    Just realized that when she's filmed putting up the entrance/door to the garden, they'll have to take it down again for the cameraperson to get out. Extra effort for YouTube, I love it

  • flash neto 1 month ago


  • Rafael Garcia 1 month ago

    Nice job,and beautiful lady.

  • Rafael Garcia 1 month ago

    Buenos dias bella mujer o como te llames,sigues siendo par mi muy bonita,abrazos y besos

  • Odelia Sampaio 1 month ago


  • Сергей Токарев 1 month ago

    Супер! Очень интересно! Делайте пожалуйста ещё видео! 🙂

  • raimundo nonato 1 month ago

    Ela é muito criativa corajosa uma disposição incrível!! Além de muito muito linda??.

  • The JoJo 1 month ago

    Hello great skills you have there hehhe

  • Andy Manalo 1 month ago

    So happy to see your sister back. It’s been a while since her last video. She’s very talented and very beautiful too like you. Take care guys. We love you.