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The famous fully automated SuperPonics 16-Plant Hydroponic Grow System grows your plants up to 5x faster, safer, and easier than any traditional hydroponic system. SuperPonics Hydroponic Grow System technology fuses the best of hydroponics by combining automated top feeding, deep water culture, and bubble and AeroPonics.. The SuperPonics 16-Plant Hydroponic Grow System grows faster than any single method of hydroponics and more safely due to the fact that there are always two independent hydroponic grow systems operating at the same time. Even if one system malfunctions, your plants will still thrive! Growing your plants with both Top Feed Watering and Bottom Feed oxygenation will create extremely happy plants with rapid growth rates and HUGE yields. Related PostsSuperPonics Bubble Flow Bucket Hydroponic System By SuperClosetSuperPonics SuperFlow Hydroponic System By SuperClosetBest Vertical Grow Room | Big Buddha Box | Hydroponic Grow System | SuperClosetSuperPonics 16 – Best Hydroponic Indoor Grow SystemGrow Box | Fully Automated Hydroponic Grow System by SuperClosetSuperCloset Review | Bubble Flow Buckets | Best Hydroponics System

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  • Austin Anderson 7 months ago

    how wide is it?

  • Gonzo's Dispensary 7 months ago

    High guy here 😀
    I have been using soil the last 10 years and would enjoy using a new grow medium. I would like to talk and do a sponsorship deal with you folks. I would post and update social media accounts with bi daily diaries of growth. Along with a youtube video of weekly updates on the growth progress and product use with benefits and first reactions of setting up the unit. I will post daily updates in grow diaries on web bulletin board forums along with analysis of product and maintenance "how to's" for product.