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  • Grow Lyfe hydroponics 8 months ago

    If anyone wants to check out my grows in my closets check em out on my channel 🙂

  • Lauchlan Grout 8 months ago

    Hey mate, was just reading some of your comments on a forum where a guy was bagging superclosets. Anyway I email you and ask a few questions, I'm about to purchase one

  • Odessa W. McCarroll 8 months ago

    Thank you for your movie.
    I have just created my own aquaponics system. That it was simple and easy and it looks and functions just like the system which cost you thousands more, using this guide

  • Does the box contain odor well? How about lighting? Is there light leakage?

  • jona werleman 8 months ago

    HI 421tm,,, how many times a day did you feed your plants and whats the average amount of nutrient solution did you use per plant in milli liters?

  • Mac Robbie 8 months ago

    very beautiful

  • williams jerry 8 months ago

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  • Aaron Smith 8 months ago

    Yes. it actually does!! Its a pretty crazy Closet my man. It has a odor lock thing or whatever and it replaces it with a fresh odor. 😀

  • Aaron Smith 8 months ago

    Kordell. Even if it wasn't legal pot. Who gives a flying fuck. He's going to make money either way it might even be for his own use.

  • Aaron Smith 8 months ago

    I got one. Get the buckets. I got a pound and a quarter on my yield. and I have the 5X9

  • König 8 months ago

    Nice grow dude. Kordell you mad? Yeah you're mad 🙂

  • Unholykill3 8 months ago

    plz respond does that carbon filtering really stop the smell

  • Alex Waddell 8 months ago

    Sweet grow dude. What type of light did you use and bulb spec?

  • Awsome Bill From Dawsonville 8 months ago

    Very nice grow. I'm planning on gettin a 9×9 super room.

  • Pierce 8 months ago

    wasn't gonna bother to like this vid….then i heard the song hahaha

  • TheGreenMan33 8 months ago

    If your going to call any body a "stupid fucking stoner" atleast spell illegal correctly you stupid fucking dumbass, admit you need to go back to elementary school

  • Kordell Delo 8 months ago

    Medical Marijuana? Yeah bullshit illeagal marijuana you stupid fucking stoner, You would not be growing this much for medical purposes admit it you deal

  • dillonislolz 8 months ago

    can u remove the veg section for a taller closet plz reply

  • Steve Trinity 8 months ago

    You should now make more videos on how to GROW THAT! : )

  • jose gonzalez 8 months ago

    @421TM did u get a pound for each plant or the whole thing ?