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  • nicely done especially the overflow system!

  • Sergio Santosignacio 1 year ago

    Very Nice! 

  • Sugeng Riyadi 1 year ago


  • Tim Clarke 1 year ago

    umm this is a fucking horrid idea…..piss poor engineering .

  • Scrampster 1 year ago

    If you rig this with a slow pump you don't need the pump to switch on and off because the siphon does the draining automatically.

  • Wait What? 1 year ago

    I wish school was like this

  • กู ผิดมาตั้งแต่เกิด 1 year ago


  • nery colon 1 1 year ago

    very nice

  • graeme leigh 1 year ago

    What the hell was that about??

  • 4all2seechannel 1 year ago

    Hi loving the Method but can you do the same sort of way but with 4 buckets?

  • IndicaFlowr 1 year ago

    Nice prototype video!

  • IndicaFlowr 1 year ago

    All growing methods can produce some of the best BUD in the world! The method alone doesn't bring results its like taking care of any life no matter the environment you need nurturing & know-how.

  • shawock black 1 year ago

    flora grow 3 types

  • brad lim 1 year ago

    can you do a diagramme where the levels of the pipes are

  • Eddie One 1 year ago

    Badass animation

  • Pinça do Destino 1 year ago

    Is that marijuana on the explanation video?

  • cmoazz 1 year ago

    So even if it extended to 50 buckets each way, the return line would still only need to stay in the middle right there next to the res for the return?

  • 2007allcity 1 year ago

    at 0:33 where can i find that pvc piece and rubber washer at? what would that piece be called?

  • Tom Richardson 1 year ago

    Did you do this animation work and is it possible to hire your services? Tom

  • franky M. 1 year ago

    hidro yo tengo toda la parafernalia necesaria y a unos precios que rompen mercado chic@s-…..602 55 42 32 franky