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Here is all you need to get some stuff growing indoors for almost no money! The only things here I bought were the seeds and soil – a grand total of 6 bucks. I forgot to point out the sheet that everything is sitting on. It’s to keep the mess off the carpet and make clean a one-step process. The one I’m using was on its way to the washing machine, but made this little pit-stop to get a little dirtier. All of this is for my little indoor growing project. I’ll have a website set up with a blog and how-to’s soon! I have green beans all over the place now. Another week and I should be able to harvest my first pod. My Cherokee Purple tomato has sprung right up and started looking like a tomato. My Brown Berry Cherry tomato is above ground. I have 2 peppers above ground and 2 still trying to germinate. On recommendations from Grosend88 in the comments on video 6, I’ve added a fan that I am going to run when the lights are on. I should probably run it all the time, but then I would have to plug and unplug it. Right now, I just use the switch on my power strip to turn everything on and off so I’ll be lazy for now. I decided to start 3 more green bean plants – 2 in 2 liter bottles, and one in a milk jug to see how little soil I can use and still get green beans. I also decided to try my 2 varieties of lettuce again now that I have a better light and see if I can get something from them. Thanks for the comments! See more at Related PostsMini Garden HAUL – Beginner’s Indoor […]

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  • TheAbuhmann 1 year ago

    @StephanieRoze she did it cus its has fertaliser sorry i cant spell lol

  • StephanieRoze 1 year ago

    after seeing your supplies, i was thinking 'ok, stuff around the house, no money spent, i like this' but then i was thrown off when i saw you bought dirt from a store lol not making fun, just thought id mention it is all 😛 good ideas by the way.

  • pminga 1 year ago

    Can you do a how-to on making loofahs? Michael said your mom can make one out of a dried gourd or zucchini?…..

  • kentuckyprepper1792 1 year ago

    Mmm, Cherokee Purple tomatoes. I grew some of those this past year. They have a crisp apple like taste. They sure are hard to grow, though.

  • Jason Arseneau 1 year ago

    Hey! I am very new at this and trying to get informed as much as I can, Just wondering why someone would need a fan? Thank you!

  • ahorvath96 1 year ago

    with peppers the soil needs to be pretty warm, about 75 or so for germination

  • TheThingamajig 1 year ago

    I have a few tomato plants that are about 4 inches high right now maybe month and a half or 2 old.. and they kinda droop ( a LOT) when i water them.. do i need to get supports for em? i love the little dudes and i dont want em to die 🙁

  • PainChaud 1 year ago

    Tin foil that's a great idea ! thanks

  • TheMuse 1 year ago

    hints…start seeds with trays or peat capsules (covered with clear plastic like a greenhouse) – saves water, and keeps them moist. they can't dry out. plant multiple seeds in each – then transplant young plants to bigger containers. looks like your light is good. oscillating fan is good it moves Co2 – plants need it. put your light on a timer (total light should be 15-18 hours to mimic summer…

  • marcusorilius 1 year ago

    "I just use the switch on my power strip to turn everything on and off so I'll be lazy for now"

    Get a timer switch. Also, are you putting in many seeds? It is better to over sow and then thin them out later.

  • cornflakesnwater 1 year ago

    how far do you keep the light away from the plants???

  • Loretta Man 1 year ago

    I also suggest growing some herbs like basils (cut the flower buds off if you want lots of leaves for cooking), fern leave dill (dont let it flower either!), Cilantro, parsley. They are easy to grow by the window or with your add on lights and they grow pretty fast!

  • Loretta Man 1 year ago

    I suggest using Jiffy Windowsill greenhouse that come with 12 soil disk to sprout first. Seeds usually need little light to sprout, once you have little greens coming out, put it by the window. Wait for the 4th sets of leaves before planting the plant in a pot. Also research how big the plant can be so you can use an appropriate sized pot. I usually pinch off top leaves once it has more than 10 sets to encourage branching. Hope this help. BTW, I love your home made light system!