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Toy review opening of ハローキティ Hello Kitty Coloring Kit 5-n-1 Rolling Art Desk Kit, Hello Kitty Kinder Surprise Eggs, ハローキティ Hello Kitty Stickers, Stamp, & Coloring Book Roll by Hailey’s Magical Playhouse. This video helps you learn colors by coloring a Hello Kitty coloring book roll and also gives ideas for summer road trip activities to do in the car or on a plane. The ハローキティ Hello Kitty Coloring Book Kit is great for keeping kids busy on long road trips this summer or even just around town. It has over 50 feet of coloring paper to color and is conveniently on a roll which makes it so easy for kids to use in the car or even on planes. Hailey also got some really neat surprise toys inside two ハローキティ HelloKitty Kinder surprise eggs. Inside the Hello Kitty coloring kit was a sheet of stickers, four color markers, six crayons, and an ink pad and stamp of a really cute Hello Kitty design. Hailey has been coloring all day with this and even carried it along to the store. We purchased the HelloKitty ハローキティ 5-n-1 Rolling Art Desk Coloring Kit from Walmart for .96. Come join the family-friendly fun that is suitable for a baby, toddlers, young kids, and kids of all ages by subscribing to Hailey’s Magical Playhouse channel: Thank you all so much for watching and supporting Hailey. It means a lot to me and Hailey and I are so very grateful! Here’s how HelloKitty is called in other languages: キティ・ホワイト, Kiti howaito, ハローキティ, Harō Kiti, Kitty White. The characters include: Chococat, Pekkle, Charmmy Kitty, カカオ,Bonbonribbon, シナモエンジェルス, Kerokerokeroppi, はすの上 けろっぴ, Kuromi, クロミ, My Melody, おねがいマイメロディ, おねがいマイメロディ~夢の国の大冒険~, Pippo and Sanrio Hello Kitty Characters. Sanrio is also known as 株式会社サンリオ Kabushikigaisha Sanrio. Here’s how to write toys in […]

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