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Sunday update 18/03/2018 GARDEN OVERVIEW LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE @LGWITHMJ FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ORGANIC PESTICIDE FOR REGULAR USE NEEM PESTICIDE FOR FUNGUS AND OTHER PEST soil ph meter grow bags spray bottles for plants summer flower seeds fancy hanging pots Video Rating: / 5 Avenues follows a transdisciplinary approach to learning. Transdisciplinary learning roots from the belief that knowledge, concepts and skills transcend traditional subject area boundaries and tie together the curriculum into a coherent “transdisciplinary whole” that is authentic and relevant to the real world. Gardening is identified as one key activity that facilitates a transdisciplinary approach to learning. While a particularly fun and engaging activity for children, gardening achieves some very important learning outcomes from introducing children to scientific concepts to encouraging healthy eating. At Avenues, the garden is the new blackboard and each child’s individual garden patch the new notebook! Read more at: Video Rating: / 5 Related Postssunday update 13/5/2018 AND GARDEN OVERVIEWsunday update 6-5-2018SUNDAY UPDATE 15/04/2018SUNDAY UPDATE 12 8 2018SUNDAY UPDATE 08/04/2018Mittleider Garden Update: Albert & Irene’s Fall Garden

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  • vijaylata chauhan 7 months ago

    Mera plant dry ho Gaya hai, watering bhi karte hai

  • Dibya Kayastha 7 months ago

    No l'

  • Adil Zaidi 7 months ago

    sir aapne seedling ko full dhoop me rakha hua he ya shaid me kyoki me thoda confuse hu mere seed grow ho gae he un per abhi 2 leef hi he to unhe full dhoop me rakhu ya nahi

  • Adil Zaidi 7 months ago

    very nice vedio sir aapne bohot acche se plants dikhae he aapne jo seedlings dikhae he sir wo bhi bohot acche se grow kar rahe he aapke very nice

  • priyanka kothari 7 months ago

    Sir jo yellow plant apke cover page par dekhta h uska naam kya . I have tht plant . Can you pl tell me how to water for flowering.

  • priyanka kothari 7 months ago

    Sir your hibiscus plant is so lush green!! My plant leaves are are gone. Sab yellow ho gaye. Can to tell me How to make my plant green and bushy again.
    Also my hibiscus plant ke uo stem h uske niche ke leaves sab gir gaye h top par 4 5 leaves reh gaye h . Plant looks dull becoz of that.

  • sasmita acharaya 7 months ago

    Can grow from cuting

  • mohammed yousuff 7 months ago

    sir ur garden is super, sir i transer my rose plant in that pot ters lots of ant after i dust turmaric they gone but plant seems to be dull the leaves r also sodull ,what should to do pls give suggestion for new growth leaves

  • Arshi Khan 7 months ago

    Sir mere button rose Ki buds par aunt h bahut sari wo us bud Ko khaa rhi h kya kre ki wo hat jae

  • Rajjan Lal 7 months ago

    बहुत सुन्दर ।

  • chirag jain 7 months ago

    Hi mena abhi kuch din phake rose ka plant ke repoting ke the pr vo plant kuch murjhaa sr gye h an muijhe plant me kya krna chaheya

  • Rahul Jariwala 7 months ago

    Sir can plastic pots effect roots of our plants in summer

  • Rahul Jariwala 7 months ago

    Sir your Sunday update videos are nice to watch, infact, your videos are interesting 🙂

  • nilesh chopra 7 months ago

    Nice mj garden,

  • saim verma 7 months ago

    Salvia plant summer mein b rehta hai kya??

  • saim verma 7 months ago

    Chandni plant bada hai apka…usbe
    Choota Chinese chandni plant hai

  • Khunti Muru 7 months ago

    hallo sir men janna chahti hi k mere pas rose k five plants he but sare murja gaye he to kya kru. ?

  • Suchi Rathore 7 months ago

    Nice plants lovely flowers pitunia apka abhi tak h hamare toh ab murja gaye h

  • Suchi Rathore 7 months ago

    Apne kitchen West plastic bag m rakha h kaya ye aise hi as it is rakhte h

  • Misfit Gardening 7 months ago

    The coleus looks wonderful! I love how your nice your marigolds are too! Thanks for sharing, have a wonderful week!

  • Another Hero 7 months ago

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