Summer heat in your Florida vegetable garden can be intense. Elise Pickett with The Urban Harvest will share 4 tips for helping your summer vegetable garden beat the heat plus a bonus – 10 summer vegetables to grow that thrive in our summer heat! This Florida gardening 101 video will help you get a solid grasp of how to summer garden in Florida.

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Summer Vegetables to Grow in your Florida Vegetable Garden | Beat the Heat in your Summer Garden

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  • D

    I'm in zone 9b south Florida. I water my pepper plants in the evening (I don't get the leaves wet) it tricks the plant into thinking it's cooler out and therefore keeps my plants producing flowers and peppers throughout the summer. I do have my plants mulched. The peppers grow slower and smaller but this method allows me to keep the plant alive until the weather cools down again.

  • castaspell7

    Having lots of papaya trees and with them lots of rats ! Now how is it with all the great plants you just info ed us on with tats ? Does they attract them too ? We are taking of any signs of fruit but on one tree …to stop the rat situation
    We ate in central Florida the Capitol for rats

  • Blanca Mateo

    I have a big problem with these bugs look like blinded little machines, they attack my squash, calabaza etch. I'm afraid of them I think they bite

  • tera chuu

    When you say hot, try living in tropic and your house right 3 mtrs beside aspalt road. And all have pavement, the temperature is 30°C ++ all year. Even my fig tree have burn leaves in first year. I transplant it in bigger pots and have adapt. My greens easy to bolt. It gets better when 2 guava trees grow bigger and putting shade to house. Thank you for your info on micro climate. You explaining it well. At least my chilli pepper is blossoming, when the price of chilli is 2x the usual.

  • jose ramos

    just in the nick of time. I'm a newbie and really need help. You seem very informed, and love your demeanor. I look forward to watching lots of your vids. I noticed that u didn't mention papalo, mine simply loves this weather…and oh so delicious. b safe and mindfully at peace, Jose

  • Eat See RV

    This is very helpful. I always just gave up in the summertime and definitely didn't give my soil the attention and protection it needed to not be stripped of its nutrients. It's great to know alternatives now! Thanks 🙂

  • Thematt Hatter

    Thanks so very much for ditching intro music. Your content is fantastic. Most likely I was severely beaten in a previous life with an acoustic guitar. Nothing personal. Thanks again for content.

  • melfinaw

    Hi! I'm a new subscriber from south florida! so grateful you're here to support our growing needs in this hot hot state! Could you do a video about garden pests unique to our region? I'm currently dealing with a hungry iguana I don't know how to deal with other than shielding with chicken wire. . .

  • Wild Floridian

    Wow 18 deg F! I’ve mulched first water retention and weed suppression, but I didn’t realize that it would act like general shade. Very cool! I found your channel in the last couple weeks and have been enjoying catching up on the videos. I’ve definitely picked up some tips… also you got me to finally make the jump on using sweet potato greens! So thank you’