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How do you grow a productive vegetable garden alongside a busy family and work life?! In this video Ben reveals all his secrets, successes – as well as his failures – as he lets us into his garden, going behind the scenes as never before!

He chats us through each area, from his growing spaces to the wildlife and flower borders alive with bees, frogs and dragonflies. Make yourself a drink, get comfortable and join Ben on the tour!

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Summer Vegetable Garden: The Full Tour

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  • Tim Tation

    Thank you for the garden tour, please lose the dog. I know the dog spaz folks rip their hair out in clumps whenever they glimpse your dog, but they really need what little hair they have left. Less is more, and we are far more interested in gardening than watching dog videos (there are more than enough of those online to satisfy even the craziest of loons). You might consider a video on how to compost your old clumps of hair for those folks, but stick to gardening for the bulk of your mentally stable audience members. Thanks Ben!!! You Rock!!!

  • Gggls844

    I want to know if I can start an asparagus bed in June and how long is it before I can harvest any? We love it. Please let me know. I am in zone 7 b. Central florida.

  • Lisa Woods

    thank you so much for all your informative videos~~!! I've learned so much from them! 🙂 I'm having a tough time getting my bell peppers to grow, or my beans! They grew very well in my starter pots, but the minute I got them out in the garden, they quit growing! Same with my cucumbers and zucchini too . . . I know there is something I did wrong but not sure what. .

  • Eveline Forde

    I love your happy enthusiastic way you present your videos. I had to smile with your experience of discovering carrots which hadn't grown and suddenly came up. I had a similar experience but with cherry tomatoes. I emptied all the earth in the large pots and containers, that had the cherry tomatoes last year, into my earth mixing container where I add compost earth and maybe a bag of bought earth. well in spring I filled up all my flower pots that needed topping up, also used that earth for transplanting seedlings. oh my goodness, I had tomatoes seedlings growing literally everywhere! (even now in June!). This was due to me just picking the split cherry tomatoes or unripe tomatoes last year and dropping it into the container at the end of the season. I was giving tomatoes seedlings to all my neighbours and friends as I hate to 'kill' anything that still has a bit of life in it!
    well, we live and learn!!

  • Dean Watt

    You should grab yourself a wildlife camera, one that works at night and comes on when it senses motion. They are quite cheap these days.
    You will be 100% surprised at what's rummaging around your garden! There will be mice, hedgehogs, badgers, foxes, rabbits and all sorts you never expected, trust me!
    Would make a great video of just what your "wild section" helps sustain.
    A huge hedgehog has been filmed in our backyard, we think it might be pregnant so we are hoping to catch a glimpse of hoglets soon!

  • Litsea Cubeba

    Thank you for the tour, really enjoyed seeing your beautiful garden, and Rosie was amazing, made me laugh the little clips of her following you around, so cute.

  • Sacha Ouellet

    Great episode! I guess will know if the asparagus is a success in a couple of years time hehe. It's always blown my mind how long it takes on average to grow asparagus, and humans consume it in less than a couple of minutes. I've always perceived it as delicacy of sorts. Thanks for sharing.