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To view the next video in this series click: In this video, National Gardening Association expert Katherine Whiteside discusses the top tips for caring for your roses. Keep your roses looking fresh this summer by following these tips! This is the VOA Special English Agriculture Report, from | Onions come in different sizes, shapes, colors and flavors, from mild and sweet to hot and strong. A full-grown onion plant has roots, bulbs and leaves. The leaves are long, thin and hollow. They stand straight up and thicken at the bottom to form a bulb. Onions are biennials; their life cycle is two years long. But they are usually picked during their first year before flowers form and the bulbs stop growing.Onions grow best in loose, fertile soil. They can grow in many different climates. In cooler climates, onions may need 14 to 15 hours of daylight to start forming bulbs. In warmer climates, onions can begin developing bulbs with fewer hours of sun.Barbara Fick is an agriculture expert with Oregon State University. She says a faster way to grow onions is to plant what are called sets. She says onion sets are actually small plants, so growing them does not take as long. Organic material like compost or leaf mulch can help onions grow in heavy soil.The bulbs can be pulled from the ground once their tops have dried and fallen over. Onions can be stored for months. But Barbara Fick says stored onions need to be cured first. “Curing is a way of making sure those leaves on the outside are nice and dry,” she says.Here are some directions from the National Gardening Association.First, dry the onions in the sun for a day or so. Then bring them out of direct sun for two to three […]

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