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John from takes you on a tour of his summer edible backyard raised bed garden and shares with you some of the edible vegetables he is growing and how he is growing them. In this episode, John will give you a walk-through tour of his backyard garden and share some of the different techniques he used to grow his food and how they are working this summer. He also shares with you some of the pest pressures and challenges he has had this summer growing season. . John will share each of his edible raised beds one-at-a-time to share the different plants and techniques he is using to grow them. After watching this episode, you will learn how to grow a garden full of vegetables in the Las Vegas desert without using any shade cloth, how to grow in a raised bed garden, as well as many different varieties of edible vegetables you can grow in the summertime, and so much more. Subscribe to GrowingYourGreens for more vidoes like this: Follow John on instagram at: Related PostsSummer Backyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourFront Yard Summer Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourOrganic Backyard Vegetable Garden Tour – Summer TimeQuick Summer Front Yard Vegetable Garden Tour$30 Bagster 4’x8′ Raised Bed Garden & Summer Vegetable Gardening in Southern CaliforniaRaised Bed Organic Vegetable Gardening Planting With Deep Soil: Summer Gardens

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  • xdialga361445x 1 year ago

    dont eat a large amount of eapzote it says it can be poisonous

  • Jeff Montague 1 year ago

    Lol Johns face gets red after that water pepper

  • fusch!a p!nk 1 year ago

    Wow!.. very nice. . I wanted to have a garden on my back yard as well, so I need to buy.. All I have to do is go to my garden pluck what ever I want.. Good idea

  • Junie kalu 1 year ago

    scum bag! lol cant spell when you're laughing too much

  • Junie kalu 1 year ago

    yeah scrum bag tomato hornworm!

  • David Crowson 1 year ago

    thank-you for sharing . press on in the good wodk

  • Robert Bell 1 year ago

    Where did you get that organic shirt?

  • Louise B 1 year ago

    Great video John. But they all are. Question What is your water bill averaging each month?
    Louise zone 7
    To plant a garden is to believe in the future

  • Rainsley63 1 year ago

    I live in a sub tropical climate in Australia so I understand the heat and water issues.,I have been following Rob Bob on you tube and have been converted to wicking beds I have had great success with them.I love your enthusiasm John, keep up the good work.

  • Swayy Watkins 1 year ago

    thanks a bunch John for the tour, I have a large garden here in North Las Vegas, and seeing that you have challenged makes me realize that it just what is!  makes me feel better =) so thanks for that!!!

  • gg gg 1 year ago

    isn't it funny how you would never normally see these kinds of bugs around your house but soon as your start growing vegetables they come. I've seen bugs this year that i never saw before. I know they're attracted to the smell of the plants but where are these bugs coming from in the first place if no one else grows around you? especially in Las Vegas. Where on earth is that tomato horn beetle coming from if there are no other tomato farmers in the area… i worry about the dumbest things lol

  • Elizabeth Moen 1 year ago

    Fabulous tour. Half your growing greens i din't know. Wonderful to see so much to eat.

  • Reno Greens 1 year ago


  • Belinda Charpentier 1 year ago

    Very nice, thanks for the tour. You must have a killer compost system to deal with all that vegetation which needs to be pulled. Gonna have to re watch with note pad. I want to try some of those cucumbers and other heat loving plants.

  • The Cannabis Vegan 1 year ago

    Ok will thats very mmmmmmm all the proof every one needs to move to the next step or really the next Quantum leap.Good job Mr. Raw Love your style. So i have some thing to ask you.. Are you apart of the Vegan Society? And will you sign up for The Full Spectrum plant based diet that is THE CANNABIS VEGAN SOCIETY?

    I am Drawing out new Laws for VEGANISM and A full plant based Full Spectrum Cannabis Vegan Life. The Cannabis Vegan Society!

    I would love to shear and move all of your work, my work and so many more to the next Quantum leap… As we are ALL ONE! We can do this together. So I'll be open to more on the Movement of True Veganism, for all to share and LOVE & PEACE..

    Thank you for your time and have a good day, look forward to our chat!
    Jason Logic, TheCannabisVegan & The Cannabis Vegan Society.

  • handyl710 1 year ago

    Can't agree more about volunteer plats being the strongest. I had some butternut squash volunteer plants that did amazing, you can see them in my videos.

  • mreisma 1 year ago

    john i just moved to vegas, what should i start growing here considering i have good soil

  • Yolanda Cunningham 1 year ago

    Hi John, I live in Los Angeles CA and feel limited as to what i can grow because of the weather here. But you in LV doing so well is very inspiring. Are tomatoes a vegetable that can grow and fruit all year long here? and what type of tomato do you think could withstand the heat as well the cold here? i always thought gardening meant planting the vegetables that are in the season. i like the idea of not having to pull all my summer garden to plant a winter garden. seems the peppers and the cucumbers do best all year, is that right? any advice is much appreciated. love your videos!

  • BlackCat2 1 year ago

    Not sure if you know but the Braconid wasp can help control the tomato hornworms. I tend to leave them alone because I love how the moth looks and also not knowing what else may depend on them like the wasps.

    It is also why I leave snails alone ever since I found out that fireflies need snails to reproduce. I love fireflies so I will suffer the snails from now on. I am hesitant to wipe out anything because of everything being interconnected. Sure I am just one person but it can really cause an impact if everyone does it. I think that is why I didn't see any fireflies for like 7 years. I think people in my area went to war on snails. They were scarce too. Since the snails have made a comeback in my yard I have noticed fireflies again.

    – Heidi

  • dburke555 1 year ago

    Where did you get that t-shirt that says "Organic" in green on the front? Kept trying to get a good view of the back so maybe I could figure out where it came from.