John from has special guest Enoch from The Urban Gardener Channel to get his opinions of John’s Backyard desert garden.

In this episode, John will give you a full tour of his summer garden and all the edible vegetables, fruits, and flowers he is growing in the summer in the desert. You will learn more about the vegetables that can easily tolerate the hot summers of 100+ degrees.

You will get a full tour of John’s backyard desert urban desert vegetable garden to share with you the best fruits and vegetables you can grow in the desert in the summer months June July August where it can get as hot as 110-115 degrees F.

Along the way, you will learn many other helpful gardening tips and tricks. You will also discover why John plants his plants so close, and why he allows weeds to grow in between his plants. You will learn about the best vegetables that you can grow from the grocery store, and why he systematically spaces each of his plants out when growing. You will learn about some of the staking and trellis structures John is using and learn about the black goji berry that John got at Home Depot.

After watching this episode, you will be more familiar with some of the heat-tolerant & best vegetables to grow in the southwest desert that you should grow if you live in a climate that can get as hot as 100-115 degrees in the summer.

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  • Chenoa Bryan

    Can anyone suggest the best free plant identification app for Android. Thanks! I had "picture this" but my 7 free days Ran out. That app is worth the money- but I'm tapped out from all the dirt I've been buying:/

  • ThriftyThreader

    How do you clone the Asian greens? A machine? I just bought Tong Ho (chrysanthemum leaf) and yam leaf, and would like to grow more from the cuttings. I really appreciate your videos. Keep up the good work.

  • Jodie Thuy

    Another great video John! I wonder what or how do you eat Santa Rosa and foti? I have both of them but don’t know how to prepare to eat and how much can you consume? Thank you in advance!

  • marilyn rafla

    You are one of very few people who talk about Egyptian spinach. I really want to grow some but couldn't find the information I want, last summer I tried and they didn't do well. I grow in containers on a deck so I don't have a diverse ecosystem, this year I am focusing on attracting beneficial insects. The Egyptian spinach had black aphids and black spots on the leaves that might be viral/bacterial/fungal, I got a handful of healthy leaves to add to a salad but not enough to cook in the traditional Egyptian way.

  • Basil Exotic Leaf

    John Cohler what makes the flavor profile change in plants that you get from the nursery or supermarket once repotted? I have flavor in PARSLEY. I have never had herbs that don’t need salt. The first time I learned veggies have natural salt was regrowing CELERY after watching you and Praxxus in 2011/12. And how do I increase the bulb size of garlic that grows from one clove and once it grows a head if it finishes in late May early June can cloves from it be made to be a bumper crop for October/November of the same year?????

  • social3ngin33rin

    Chinese chives (haw) is where haw flake candy comes from?!?!?! :O
    What store did you get that soap from?

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