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John from takes you on a tour of his summer urban backyard garden and shares with you some of the edible vegetables he is growing and how he is growing them. In this episode, John gets up on his roof so you can contrast the stark emptiness of his neighbors backyard compared to the luscious food jungle that John is growing. John will share each of his raised beds one-at-a-time to share the different plants and techniques he is using to grow them. After watching this episode, you will learn how to grow in the Las Vegas desert, how to grow in a raised bed garden, different kinds of edible vegetables you can grow in the summertime, and so much more. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsFull July Vegetable Garden Tour – Food I Grow in My Backyard in SummerBackyard Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourSummer Edible Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourOrganic Backyard Vegetable Garden Tour – Summer TimeFront Yard Summer Raised Bed Vegetable Garden TourSummer & Fall Harvests! Sep 2020 Vegetable Garden & Zen Garden Tour

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  • Pennyann Fernandes 5 years ago

    I am so jealous of your lovely garden !!! How did you set up the watering system ??

  • Stephen - The Wanderer 5 years ago

    Great stuff my friend!?

  • Dyshof TV 5 years ago

    You mentioned pesto. Do you use it for pasta??

  • americanwillow 5 years ago

    I bought toothache.plant seeds based off this video.?

  • Jake J 5 years ago

    I love what you do man. I have gained alot of beneficial information from your videos. Thank you :)?

  • mrs kathleen gust 5 years ago

    How beautiful. I'm glad I just stumbled upon your channel.?

  • Kiki Lang 5 years ago

    I was wondering how long his growing season? I'm sure he said on one of his past videos. Love your Armenian Cumbers, striped, Japanese. Stripped underwear.

  • Cyn dee 5 years ago

    11:0811:13 Your garden is trying to eat YOU. Kidding, amazing work I am a vegetarian thinking of transitioning to vegan. Thanks for all the tips.?

  • Alex Moye 5 years ago

    Sorry, it's foliage, not foilage. Sorry, I hate to be the guy to point it out.?

  • G'Maw's Garden 5 years ago

    John I would love to have some of your walking onion seeds plz. how can I go about obtaining some? and thank you for your videos. I think you do an excellent job of producing them. I am envious of your garden. I hope one day I can grow as much as you do.?

  • Don Park 5 years ago

    Thank you for all the video`s that you have made I have found them to be very useful.
    what kind of camera are you useing to felm your videos ??

  • Michael Jensen 5 years ago

    I have a problem with my salat/lattuce in staid of getting heads it is going in "stock", anybody have adwise will be welcome, maybee it gets to mush fertilizer, or maybe it is missing some?

  • sum1t0m0 5 years ago

    One question john , if you dont cook your produce how you eat beans?
    Eg: string bean, long beans, most of them dont taste good uncook?

  • FilmCard Star 5 years ago

    Coyote Tomatoes! Have never seen those?

  • coopsmusicvision 5 years ago

    john, love your garden but i cant believe you eat all that you grow. what do you do with what you

  • Estabanwatersaz 5 years ago

    God bless you man! Thanks for all that you do!?

  • Rich Mapstone 5 years ago

    Thanks john. Your videos are inspirational and I've learnt so much from u the past year. Keep up the good work!?

  • Sue Miller (hobbypainter) 5 years ago

    Hello John You make me so jealous growing all year. I am planing to move to the Las Vegas area. I also want to grow all year. Where in your opinion is the safest location to live in. I need to know this before we start looking. If you can help . Thanks?

  • Megan .Tucker 5 years ago

    John, how do you prepare your eggplant for eating raw??

  • acidburn88888888 5 years ago

    anyone know what's name of