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The teachers and children of Sulby School in the Isle of Man working together with other willing volunteers and under the supervision of Mill Millichap of the IOM Permaculture Association to create a wonderful organic vegetable garden. Spring-Summer of 2008 Related PostsPermaculture Food Forest School Garden teach kids about Real FoodThe Living Classroom | Permaculture School!No Dig Gardening Harvest, Backyard Permaculture Food Forest100% Organic Garden Harvest | Backyard Permaculture GardeningThe English Gardening SchoolMasterclass 16: Small Scale Kitchen Garden – the permaculture way with Morag Gamble

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  • Jurgen Wohlfarter 9 months ago

    10 years later… How is the garden doing??? And are they finally touching the earth with bare hands?

  • D Graves 9 months ago

    Great job all round!

  • Spyros Pan 9 months ago

    hard work indeed, but oh so rewarding!

    I am so pleased to see our efforts yielding all these fruits.

    Tons of Love to Sulby Elementary school.

    Volunteer Spyros 😀

  • Orvokki Savolainen 9 months ago

    Yes,it would be nice but it is not possible after the age of 7-12 even because pupils have talents making different things-making art,sports anyway nobody can stop them or just reading and learning more at home etc.I think as well that it is importent for children to see and make such kind of homework,at school or from friends and relatives,…

  • Martin Critchley 9 months ago

    Music was by Eric Bibb and McTullagh Vannin. And the amazing drum instrument thing is called a HANG 🙂

  • LittlePetieWheat 9 months ago

    Great Job! The backing music sounds like his Royal Bibbness, am I right? What is that funcky instrument that looks like a barbecue?