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Artist: Sufjan Stevens; Album: Illinois; Song Title: Chicago; Track No: 9; Released Date:July 5, 2005; Label: Asthmatic Kitty Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts1540 N LaSalle Terrace, High Rise Condo #506, Chicago 60610 1 bed for rent.MOVChicago – Will You Still Love Me? (Single/Video Version) HQChicago You’re The Inspiration 1984Chicago I’ve Been Searching So Long Recorded 1974Anderson .Paak – The Waters (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)Chicago Assisted Living: Two Great State Resources for Facility Research

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  • Dr.Kuhmilch 8 months ago

    why is ther a goat?

  • livvi67 8 months ago

    This song is so full of LIFE

  • Black Jack 8 months ago

    I make a lot of mistakes in my mind

  • John Teti 8 months ago

    currently finding myself crying and laughing at the same time.

  • Mark Mccormick 8 months ago

    Kind of a creepy song if you listen to the lyrics

  • BÜCH 8 months ago

    i come here for Little Miss Sunshine

  • melissa rios 8 months ago

    This song brings me closer to home, whenever I need it. That comfort of just getting there even though I don't know where home is yet. It somehow takes me there ❤️

  • g'-' -'- 8 months ago

    i'm here because of a friend but … this is the little miss sunshine song omg

  • Dan Higgins 8 months ago

    im 13 this song is sick

  • alphacino 8 months ago

    hey, you kids wanna be on fire?

  • cdude100 8 months ago

    I knew about this song when it came out only thing that made me think of it was a episode of topgear

  • StoneCole 8 months ago

    This song invokes a strong pining for a life once lived. A life that ceases to exist beyond the memory of a lonely drifter on a windswept highway lined with the ashes of a forgotten time. Jk I'm just trying to sound smart and poetic and stuff.

  • kia girl 123 8 months ago

    W O W.

  • Maria Evans 8 months ago

    This was my anthem for 2010. Brings me way the hell back.

  • Carolina Thene 8 months ago

    Published on Dec 25, 2012

  • Paige Nicole 8 months ago

    childish gambino brought me here

  • Sigrid Nilsen 8 months ago

    I came here cause someone told me Sufjan Stevens was a gay icon and I needed to know. I'm not disappointed

  • ventricleTiger 8 months ago

    all we need now is anouk singing hallelujah

  • ventricleTiger 8 months ago

    vevo sufjan I'm massively impressed