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Succulents are great for our hot, dry Southern climate. Gardener Jim Martin points out the variety of succulents at Hyams, a Charleston, S.C., area garden center. Then see how to turn those succulents into beautiful hanging baskets and containers for your home garden. For comments: Do you love Down & Dirty each month? Make a donation to the Charleston Parks Conservancy and keep these shows coming! Related PostsSchool Garden ( Lock Down work)MARTIN GARRIX LIVE @ 538 KINGSDAY FROM THE TOP OF A'DAM TOWERDriftwood Mounted Succulents DIYMARTIN GARRIX LIVE @ MY ROOFTOP IN AMSTERDAMTrailing and Hanging Succulents Care and Propagation How ToPlant Shopping! | Plant Haul – Cacti & Succulents | Plant Shop Chicago

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  • Desiree Evans 4 years ago

    hello I have a mother's n laws plant, for about 6 months now and it's doing great. I replanted in a bigger pot , and one day I looked at it , and I saw a another one coming out , I don't know it could do that. so how grow another one. wondering.?

  • Louise RPatty 4 years ago

    always love donky tails.. my grandma used to planted allover her pattio.. love these succulents arrangement.. great explanations too?

  • Elizabeth Coelho 4 years ago

    Achei lindo demaisssssssssss?

  • Jesus My Savior 4 years ago

    Nice! Love the colors you chose.?

  • Charleston Parks Conservancy 4 years ago

    Thank you, @plantznthings!

  • PlantzNThings 4 years ago

    Well done Sir 🙂

  • Charleston Parks Conservancy 4 years ago

    Thank you! Much appreciated!

  • belen6603 4 years ago

    Nice!!! I love ur video u are fun to watch (: