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Succulent Wall Planter - Fake Succulents | Artificial Succulent Craft with Fake Moss | Hat Craft

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Today we will be making a Succulent Wall Planter / Hanging Succulent Planter, using Fake Succulents / Artificial Succulent Craft with Fake Moss. Easy Summer Crafts idea, and a hat craft that’s suitable for spring, summer and even a mothers day idea! A beautiful, effective DIY using items I know you can get from dollar tree / Dollar stores or poundland! Plus I teach you all another secret of mine – how to create a realistic water feature! Great for dioramas, terrariums, and miniature gardens/fairy gardens 😉

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Dollar tree succulent wall decor!

Using all dollar tree items I created this wall decor you can
Make a set or just a single one!

Giveaway! Bonus items added at 700 and 800 subscribers!
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