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Hey guys! The second I saw this little shadow box at JoAnn Craft & Fabric store, I knew it would be perfect to retrofit into a succulent planter! It was super easy, and didn’t require quite as many succulent cuttings as some of my other projects. To care for this type of arrangement, I take it down off the wall, lay it flat, water it just enough to moisten the moss (but not excessively- there is no drainage!), tip it slightly to drain any excess water, then hang it back up! I find watering with a large syringe makes it quite a bit easier! Succulent cuttings root easily into sphagnum moss, and can live in this sort of arrangement for quite a long time. I would expect to get up to a year out of this arrangement without any major overhaul, just minor grooming. I also picked up the little wood cut out at JoAnn’s as well, then hand wrote the ‘Welcome’, so you could make it into whatever kind of sign you want! Thanks so much for watching! 💜 ~Laura Succulents from Leaf and Clay – Shadow Box with hooks – Hardware Cloth – Sphagnum Moss – Other supplies: Plastic to protect wood Wire Cutters Staple Gun Hot Glue Gun Screwdriver or pen Favorite Tools – Favorite Soils – Buy Succulents – Video Gear We Use – Follow us Here: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Email: Mailing Address: Garden Answer 580 S Oregon St Ontario, Oregon 97914 Brands we partner with: Related PostsHeart Shaped Succulent Arrangement (Full Version) // Garden AnswerIndoor Planter Inspiration with Garden AnswerPopsicle Stick Mini Pallet w/ Succulents // Garden AnswerHow to Make a Succulent Wall Garden with a Picture FramePopsicle Stick Mini Pallet w […]

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  • عبير العبيدي 1 year ago

    Very nice
    جميل جدا
    Muy bonito

  • Bun Sa 1 year ago

    how to plant succulent from seed ?

  • Như Bình Phạm 1 year ago

    Hi! How to water it?

  • vicky armendariz 1 year ago

    What a great idea , just bought a new home, guess what project Im doing?

  • Linda Toolin 1 year ago

    That is beautiful!!

  • Ashley Crain 1 year ago

    How do they get enough nutrients from the moss?

  • sheriwhispers 1 year ago

    You know what would work well with this type of arrangement is a wooden fruit flat. they come in all different sizes an if you live anywhere around working farms can pick one up for "dirt" cheep lol. Tip for you my dear an of course all those who read this !

  • Laura Dominguez 1 year ago


  • Kimcuc Luatle 1 year ago

    I have a Echeveria Allegra hybrid that had some marks over where I have picked off leaves for propagation. Now I have a small baby succulent growing from one of those marks, I want to move it to a seperate pot, but I don't know from which part of the stem to cut off (the baby is really close to the tip of the mother plant). I really don't want it to die :'(((

  • Jackson Miley 1 year ago

    What a pretty arrangement of succulents! I love succulents because they can go in full sun or full shade.

  • Your videos always make me happy.
    I am so glad I stumbled upon your channel.
    Have a lovely day.

  • Samantha Powell 1 year ago

    I LOOOVE THIS!!! you're so creative, its inspiring!! keep it up!!

  • SHARON SHORT' Orchids and Garden 1 year ago

    It's lovely…happy growing.

  • Julia Comer 1 year ago

    Hey Laura! I would love to see more succulent arrangements using purslane/portulaca it is my favorite plant!

  • Maria Glover 1 year ago


  • watercolor mama 1 year ago

    Love watching your videos! I now have hooked my sister on them. Was happy to hear about your baby, you must be so excited. We (my sister and I) find it funny when we visit our little mom and pop nursery, and find plants you have talked about . I.E. Bobo hydrangeas, and boomerang lilacs! Bought them, and planted. !! Thank you for your advice from someone in small town Oregon. Molalla

  • Susan K 1 year ago

    OHHH !! LOVE THIS !!

  • Diana Reyes 1 year ago it.

  • Yvonne Amos 1 year ago

    So gorgeous.