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An introduction to succulent plugs and our popular wholesale plug trays. If you have any more questions about plugs feel free to ask a question in the comments, or send us an email: All of our succulent plug trays are available here: Transcript: In this video we’ll be introducing our succulent plug trays. We grow many of our succulents in plug form, which are offered in a variety of assortments. Plugs are small masses of soil that are formed by roots binding them together. They have many advantages over bare root: • First, they are better for shipping, because the roots are protected and can continue to grow during and after transit. • They do not have to be planted immediately upon arrival; the succulents will happily grow in the tray for months with proper care. • Also, they are better for planting, because their root system is already fully formed, and there is less disruption in their growth. • Finally, plugs are easy to remove from the tray cells, and are great to work with for a wide array of projects. Here, we are looking at Hens and Chicks plugs in our assorted Sempervivum plug tray. This tray always includes a wide array of texture, color, and variety. The plugs are 1.2in in diameter, by approximately 1in deep. Sempervivum rosettes typically range from an inch to an inch and a half in diameter. As you can see, it’s formed a very nice strong root system, which is holding the soil together in a tidy plug. This is one of our strongest growing Semps called ‘Royanum’. Typically this one is going to be significantly larger than the root plug underneath. You can see how easy they are to remove from the tray. This is Sempervivum ‘Pixie’. It is […]

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