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Moss kissing balls are amazing planted with hens and chicks and other succulents. They are fun to plant up and look great from any angle. Young’s has ready to plant sphagnum moss balls in several sizes. Order your moss ball and succulent plants from Young’s Garden. When they arrive, poke a hole in the moss and insert the roots. Using florist picks or pieces of wire is very helpful for holding the plants in place until the take root. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCreative Hanging Planter Ideas | DIY Moss Rose & Succulent Planter From BambooSucculent Wall Planter – Fake Succulents | Artificial Succulent Craft with Fake Moss | Hat CraftSucculent Ball Hanging Basket Trick with Elissa the Mom | Rare LifeDIY Plant Background Moss Wall AlternativeDIY Moss Stick for Bonsai, Money Plant, Indoor Planters with Aruna AgrawalSucculent Plant Wall Clock ~ Butterfly Bazaar

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