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Twitter- @tropicalplantjc Instagram- Tropicalplantparty Snapchat- tropplantparty * Any products shown in video linked at the bottom* Garden Answer’s jellyfish hanging basket challenge link and description at the bottom as well. * Finally! I have wanted to do this DIY project for years! Using succulents, in this case, sempervivums or Hens & Chicks, i covered the outside of a moss basket after planting dichondra silver falls in the center of the succulent topiary basket. This then became an upside down planter with Solar powered led string/fairy lights run around the top and through the Dichondra. I forgot to mention in the video that I did wet the moss before attaching the succulents. The Hanging Basket Jellyfish Challenge // Garden Answer -Link & description below! If any of you want to try to create this jellyfish look in a hanging basket, submit photos by August 1st to and we will pick a “best photo” winner to receive a credit to the Proven Winners online store. Good luck! ********************************************************** Solar Powered String Lights Related PostsDIY Succulent Basket -Hanging Planter by Pop Shop AmericaHow to Refresh a Succulent Hanging Basket多肉植物ハンギング Hanging basket of Succulent マクロで覗くHaworthia VideosSucculent Ball Hanging Basket Trick with Elissa the Mom | Rare LifeThe Wall Planter – It will Transform Any Vertical Surface – Easy Fill Hanging BasketCreative Hanging Planter Ideas | DIY Moss Rose & Succulent Planter From Bamboo

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  • Christine O'Brien 3 months ago

    I love it! What a great idea!

  • Hazel Davis 3 months ago

    That was so pretty! The lights made it almost look like it was underwater, in that wavy shadow water makes. I have absolutely no idea how to describe it

  • Marta's orchid window 3 months ago

    So cool!!! Where do you get all these ideas? It's amazing! Every time I watch one of your videos I just want to go buy plants and transform my place into a tropical forest 😉

  • That planter looks amazing! Also, thanks for all of your videos. They make gardening so joyful and I'm always looking forward to them.

  • Carmie Teasdale 3 months ago

    What a fabulous jellyfish planter! I love it and I am going to try it! As far as your question on how to hold the dirt in (excuse me, potting soil! LOL), I think I might try leaving the plastic liner in, cutting a hole big enough to pour all the potting soil in, making sure to press it in firmly, then I would patch up the hole, probably with duct tape LOL. Then I would poke holes where I need to put the plants, I would also poke holes for drainage in the plastic. Just a thought and I think I'm going to try it that way. What do you think?

  • Quinn 3 months ago

    You’re so creative, the planter looks great!

  • Vincent Driscoll 3 months ago

    I love this! I wonder if a combination of chicken wire and weed mat would work to hold all the soil in? Love your work as always!
    – Catherine

  • Kathy Macomber 3 months ago


  • mysticshining 3 months ago

    Looks really cool 😀 The lights hanging at the bottom DO look like the tentacles, 😀

  • Sherry Walker 3 months ago

    The fan was fine, silly!

  • Sherry Walker 3 months ago

    That is so cool! Thanks!

  • Plant Maven 3 months ago

    So cute. Well done as usual.

  • Lucky Gracie 3 months ago

    What a neat idea, well worth the hard work you put into the upside down hanging basket.

  • Denise's Orchid Paradise 3 months ago

    looks nice, hope it does well, cause that was a lot of work!

  • blueovalgal 3 months ago

    So pretty!

  • Silvie Porter 3 months ago

    That looks so cool! By the way… I never hear your fan running, ever. I'm thinking your camera filters out background noise. You're good to go.