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This gorgeous garden was installed in June of 2016. I havent seen or maintained it in almost a year. Join me as i do a walkthrough. With Laura Eubanks at Design for Serenity. DON’T FORGET TO HIT THE HD BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM RIGJT CORNER OF YOUR SCREEN FOR BETTER VIDEO QUALITY😊 Find me on: Facebook- Design for Serenity Instagram- lauralovessuculents Visit my Succulent Merch Store at Music: Walden and the Willow Tree by The Dimes Related PostsSucculent Garden Design SecretsHow to Create a Succulent Pocket GardenPixel Garden Installation Indoors HDHow to Irrigate Your Succulent Garden (Day 4)Florafelt Pro System Vertical Garden InstallationInstalling My Largest Succulent Wall Hanging Ever

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  • King Marvey X 7 months ago

    51 people dislike this. How? Why?

  • Mary Jad 7 months ago

    Where is it?
    How can I plant succulent in the uk ?

  • Veeral Dogra 7 months ago

    I just fell in love!

  • amylingzhou 7 months ago

    Amazing! Love it! I have mine succulent yard similar but not as big as this.
    But I think it takes more than one year even you water them everyday…

  • Jo Marie Lopez 7 months ago

    Relaxing…….and so beautiful!

  • Norma Tible 7 months ago

    Heaven on earth

  • Vivian Pastrana 7 months ago

    I can't believe all my eyes are whatcing…. thanks. I have been looking for a garden like these for Manu months… Thousands of congratulations …(sorry by my bad English, I' m from Colombia) .

  • Valerie Stevens 7 months ago

    Do you use any irrigation?

  • Mrs. Bartlett 7 months ago

    Idk much about plants but the succulent seems like a no fuss plant and is pretty

  • La Marie Gui 7 months ago

    gosh that garden is a Dream !!

  • Janine Grima 7 months ago

    Laura are you ever coming to Australia any time soon.  id love you to do my garden

  • Maria Lúcia Bruno 7 months ago

    Que lindo fico apaixonada belicimo

  • Kelly Brown 7 months ago

    I love your videos. The greatest thing you share is … your love of these special plants.

  • Ripley the Skull dog 7 months ago

    Did you ever do anything for the Huntington? My great aunt and uncle had their succulent garden done by the same person who made the Huntington’s succulent garden. (The Huntington is a huge botanical garden in SoCal)

  • patricia reid 7 months ago

    Love the look really really love it …Would really love if mine can change colour like those

  • Sandi Clifford 7 months ago

    I managed to miss this video – I thought I'd seen every one of yours! I love how the vista looks almost like there's an Infinity Edge Pool on the hill!