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Farming without soil and without ground water in Chandigarh! Watch the full video – you will be surprised! Somveer Singh Anand, a former banker from Manhattan, New York, and now a grower of greens using Hydroponics, a low cost technology, in Chandigarh. It does not need any soil and it uses limited recyclable filtered water. It can be done with minimal funds and it provides healthy produce for family and for commercial purposes. We encourage everyone to explore this in your own home setting. Somveer Anand,how to start Hydroponics, beginners for Hydroponics,future of agriculture,சண்டிகரில் நில ம முழு வீடியோ பார்க்க – நீங்கள் ஆச்சரியப்படுவீர்கள்! சம்வரேர் சிங் ஆனந்த், நியூயார்க்கிலுள்ள மன்ஹாட்டனில் இருந்த முன்னாள் வங்கியாளராக இருந்தார், தற்போது சண்டிகரில் ஹைட்ரபோனிக்ஸ், ஹைட்ரபோனிக்ஸ்ஸைப் பயன்படுத்தி கீரைகள் தயாரிப்பார். அது எந்த மண்ணையும் தேவையில்லை, அது மட்டுப்படுத்தப்பட்ட மறுசுழற்சி வடிகட்டப்பட்ட தண்ணீரைப் பயன்படுத்துகிறது. இது குறைந்த நிதிகளால் செய்யப்படலாம்,¡Cultivando sin tierra y sin agua subterránea en Chandigarh! Mire el video completo: ¡se sorprenderá! Somveer Singh Anand, un ex banquero de Manhattan, Nueva York, y ahora un cultivador de verduras que usa Hydroponics, una tecnología de bajo costo, en Chandigarh. No necesita tierra y usa un agua filtrada reciclable limitada. Se puede hacer con fondos mínimos y proporciona productos saludables para la familia y para fines comerciales. Animamos a todos a explorar esto en su propia casa. Somveer Anand, cómo comenzar Hidroponía, principiantes para Hidroponía, futuro de la agriculturaJordbruk uten jord og uten grunnvann i Chandigarh! Se hele videoen – du vil bli overrasket! Somveer Singh Anand, en tidligere banker fra Manhattan, New York, og nå en grønnsaker med Hydroponics, en lavkoststeknologi, i Chandigarh. Det trenger ikke noe jord og det bruker begrenset resirkulerbart filtrert vann. Det kan gjøres med minimale midler, og det gir sunne produkter til familie og kommersielle formål. Vi oppfordrer alle til å utforske dette i ditt eget hjem. Somveer Anand, hvordan du starter […]

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  • Vishnu Panwar 1 week ago

    Sir ji inka number mil skta h kya

  • Nilkanth More 1 week ago

    Hi, Harbans Singh, I like ur Structure, Thinking of Making at my home, U have done it in last 6 months , Which Nutrient u used is there any formula please share me reply, Thanx.

  • JOHN SHEEN 1 week ago

    Most useful information. Kindly give me your contact

  • tripleterrific 1 week ago

    The jokers in the comments who are asking for Somveers number and keep calling him Sir..
    If your were half as committed you would do some research .. there are a ton of videos on YouTube and blogs. Why can’t you do some research, spend some time doing research and jump onto the bandwagon.
    You want him to dedicate his time to spoon feed your illiterate ass? Shame on you and your ways

  • jako x 1 week ago

    Send me number, my number 8768408668

  • Ravi Kumar 1 week ago

    Fantastic. This is a good example for the youths of India, who spends lots of money in capitation fees to get a degree and pay lakhs to agents to get VISA from a foreign country.
    Mr Somveer, I suggest, you should organize this demo to various NGO's and they can spread this to villages. Also make a 15 Min professional video and show it to all public, private schools, government and corporate offices etc. They all will appreciate.
    I suggest you to use Solar panels to operate your pumps, thus making it sustainable. Instead of using plastic tubes, you could try with bamboo.

  • rajesh jangid 1 week ago

    Any contact details??

  • learn learn 1 week ago

    बहुत अच्छे बहुत अच्छे बहुत अच्छे

  • Mayank Jha 1 week ago

    Hello sir….how do we know the quantities of various chemicals to be used in water to make the nutritional medium….plz reply

  • Tehami Khan 1 week ago

    Which npk formula is best for tomato farming and which type of hydroponic is best for tomato

  • Gopal Saraf 1 week ago

    Sardar g kya hindi mai nahi bata sakte kiyoki kisan english nahi janta hai aap samaj gayi honge.

  • Ashok kumar 1 week ago

    Sir hindi me bolo mujhe English nahi aata

  • rumishra rumishra 1 week ago

    Fantastic effort. One small query please. Most of the videos show using hydroponic grade liquid fertilizers for successful hydroponic crops,do you also use them? Also about 60 to 70% water turns waste to get 30% RO water.How do you use/dispose that 70% water?

  • Kishan Chapagai 1 week ago

    Its very good but sir if you make video of each in dead detail one by one so that we can undersand properly ….

  • Gauri Shankar 1 week ago

    Hello sir ,I want to contact you for about this information, please send me your contact number is 9887274568

  • Mukesh Chaudhary 1 week ago

    please contact namber
    please give me your mobile number

  • Shashi Misra 1 week ago

    Hydroponic farming k liye micro nutrient kahan se milenge

  • kalpana dhamala 1 week ago

    kya aap apne detail doge sir,mei study me liya aaptak aana chahata hu,

  • Pindfresh 1 week ago

    Hi! Thank you for all the encouragement. Feel free to email me on Happy to answer any questions / queries that you all might have about hydroponics!

  • bittu yadav 1 week ago

    I saw all replies but where your Facebook id I mean how we contact you can we visit Chandigarh