Here are some quick tips for keeping your String of Pearls, Fishhooks, String of Bananas and similar types of succulent vines happy and healthy! 

-Keep plants in bright indirect sunlight
-Let plants dry out between watering
-Always remove plants from the plastic nursery pots
-Use terra cotta, or any porous pots when transplanting
-Feed during the growing season (spring to fall) with a diluted liquid fertilizer
-Water before you fertilze
-Plant in shallow pots as these plants have shallow root systems
-Keep plants in cooler temperatures in the winter (55-65 F)

I forgot to mention in the video that you should purchase plants with dry soil.

String of Pearls Care | Housplant Care Tips

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  • Shay Marie Taylor

    Sooo i wonder why my string of bananas looks to be shriveling up? The bananas were full and juicy now they all have indentions down the middle. It's been getting at least 6 or more hours of bright light. I hang it on my storm door and so the sun shines directly onto it. It's on s plastic pot (I'll change it) and i am a scary waterer. Is it getting burned you think? @planterina

  • Photolodico

    Okay this actually made sense! First video I found with actually helpful information, and a good laugh. Thank you!

  • Makala nash

    I accidentally left my string o pearls in standing water for about a month (yikes!), what should I do? I trimmed it back, put it in dry soil, and low indirect light.

  • Janice Bruzdzinski

    i believe i have the 'fishhook radican' but the stems are very thick and it has become huge, but is not trailing. it is growing and thriving but just seems to be one large stem. any suggestions?

  • elif yigit

    i have these plants (they r very small at the moment) + Ceropegia Woodii (she s bloom every 6 months) but i have spider problem. ok they dont kill plants but when i take them in my hand for waterig i see at least 4-5 mini spider o_O i dont wanna touch them for this 🙁

  • Javi Garcia

    mmm Very interesting., question, if you paint a terracotta pot with oil or water base paint, will this be bad?, also very interesting point you mention about plastic, so are plastic pots recommended at all or not?, i was using plastic for a long time they all die on me., thanks for your help

  • SapphirePanorama

    Thank you! I just got a tiny string of pearls plant. I hope with following these tips it can stay alive and grow (to be as magnificent as the one in the video someday would be goals).

  • gurnyyy

    You're great. I've subscribed. I have a question- I bought a plant last week and have given it a little trickle of water most days since, but it's all starting to shrivel up. It's pretty warm in the UK right now. Should I water more or is it just getting used to being in a new place?

  • Lauren Settle

    just bought my first string of pearls from your website! 😀 I'm so excited! thanks for this great video on how to keep it alive! hopefully I have enough sun (it's a gamble). Any luck with grow lights with these guys?

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