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Had decided to integrate strawberry growing into the FAWN platforms and it’s basically the same with one difference. It’s taller to accommodate the towers. This is the first of three episodes on the construction and planting of strawberries. I love chatting with folks and answering questions. If you enjoy my videos, please like, comment and subscribe! You can subscribe by clicking this link and then you’ll get a notification every time I upload a video: Now, I’m on Facebook! Share your gardening thoughts and pictures! . A little about my setup. I have a hydroponic greenhouse. I grow in a system I call FAWN which is a modified hydroponic drip system. The media I grow in is aged rice hulls with parboiled rice hulls mixed. This has proven to be a great mix for me. I use Masterblend fertilizer as my nutrients to every plant grown. I’ve been pretty successful with my setup growing hydroponic tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, squash, cucumbers, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, turnip greens, corn, potatoes, kale, carrots, beets, spinach, onions, leeks, and even okra! Everything a gardener would desire. I also dabble in other areas like growing in raised beds, growing in a ground garden, grafting, pond activities, growing fruits, and other projects on the homestead. Thank you so much for stopping in! Related PostsStrawberry towers, aquaponic systemsGrowing Broccoli & Cabbage Vertically 2Growing Sweet Potatoes VerticallyPotato Tower: Sweet Potato HarvestHydroponic strawberry grow tower home madeHydroponic Towers – Wind breaking Tomatoes

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  • knitnpaint 4 months ago

    I live in Grass Valley CA where Peacfull Valley is located. I just got some strawberries from them . Such nice plants. I had gotten some bare root strawberries from Home Depot before that look like poor specimen compared to the PV ones. I planted them in some pots and raised beds.

  • Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens 4 months ago

    Should work out good, Brent! Strawberries seem to like the greenhouse environment, I just don't have the room for them, and is why I moved them to the outside. I was growing them in hanging baskets, but the wife's pitcher plants have since claimed that spot ; )

  • FesterWerks 4 months ago

    Looking forward to part two!

  • BobMels Gardens 4 months ago

    Cool project Brent. Thanks for sharing. Good information. Best wishes Bob.

  • ItsyFarm 4 months ago

    Great detail, Brent. I'm thinking about this FAWN approach for one section of our hoop house. BTW…we've had great success with ever-bearing strawberries. They're not as big, but they are very sweet.