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This video gives a brief demonstration of how watering works on the agro grow towers. I chose to use these planters to organically grow strawberries in my back yard garden. You can simply water the top one thoroughly and the water will trickle down from the top to all the other containers. Thanks for watching. Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsdiy strawberry tower/ garden stickWatering Your Tower GardensStrawberry tower, vertical gardening.Garden Tower Setup: WateringStrawberry Tower, Hydroponics Easy & Affordable DIY SystemHydroponic strawberry grow tower home made

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  • Tat Spoon 3 months ago

    I planted my mom strawberries, how often should I water them?

  • Roxanne Cox 3 months ago

    Great video, thanks! Are your towers still up and running 3 years later? Any problems?

  • HomesteadersFreedom 3 months ago

    @ Steve Sanders:  Yes they were watered  by hand using a gallon water jug.  We dont have an automatic watering system, but use rain water from rain barrels to water the plants.  I've heard of folks using many things for their automatic watering systems such as gutters or pvc pipes, but I don't have any experience with using or building one of those systems yet.

  • Outa ThisWorld 3 months ago

    Did you water your tower by hand?  I am trying to set up some towers with an automatic watering system and I am curious how others have solved this problem to ensure adequate watering of all levels.  Thx in advance.

  • Outa ThisWorld 3 months ago

    How did these end up fairing?  Good production?  Anything that you learned that you would do differently?  Thanks for a great video!

  • HomesteadersFreedom 3 months ago

    Good to know! I will have to check out their gardening section the next time I pass through. I saw some similar containers that were square at one dollar store, but that only gave me 4 planting sections. If I come across any similar to these I will have to pick some up!

  • Kim A 3 months ago

    99cents store sell containers similar to this.

  • HomesteadersFreedom 3 months ago

    Yes the pots are good quality and are fairly strong. I banged a long piece of PVC pipe down all of the center holes to provide stability against wind. So far so good!

  • Karl Becker 3 months ago

    Thanks for the update. Are those pots fairly strong?

  • HomesteadersFreedom 3 months ago

    Yes it does. I like the high production potential that the towers provide in such a small space.

  • The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener 3 months ago

    works great in small areas