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Strawberry Shortcake ❤ Candy Garden ❤ Game for Kids please subscribe, GRATIS : ======= send fan mail to: aisyah hanifah (saiber dunia imagi) jalan kostrad no 28 rt/rw 03/05, kel petukangan utara, kec pesanggrahan – jakarta 12260 ======= please watch my playlist: Online Game ~ Toy Hunting ~ Suprise Blind Bag ~ Storytelling ~ LEGO Bricks ~ Fun Doh ~ HELLO KITTY ~ Seseruan ~ Pianoforte ~ My Blog ~ My Fanpage ~ My Twitter ~ My Channel ~ My Ask.FM ~ SUBSCRIBE HERE: Cupcake Decorating! Learn how to decorate Beautiful Butterfly Cupcakes in a few minutes, with just a few basic tools and some candy. SUBSCRIBE to MyCupcakeAddiction for more great tutorials! Perfect for kids party cupcakes, spring or garden themed cupcakes and school holiday activities. This simple, easy and sure to impress cupcake for even the most novice decorators! Team with our Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcake to re-tell this children’s classic storybook in cupcakes! Tools & Equipment: Scissors Zip lock bag Piping bag (I used disposable) Round piping tip (I used Loyal #20 plastic tip) Ingredients: Licorice strap Chocolate freckles (choc jewels) Assorted m&ms – you’ll need peanut, regular and mini) Melted chocolate Cupcake Buttercream frosting (recipe link below) Useful Links: Link to my Buttercream frosting recipe: Link to smooth frosting swirl: Link to Very Hungry Caterpillar cupcakes: Link to Rose Bouquet cupcakes: Connect with me on: Facebook: Twitter:!/cupcakeaddictau Instagram: Pinterest: I’d love to see pics of your cakes and cake pops on ANY of the above — You all know how mine turn out — now show me YOUR creations! xx Elise Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsStrawberry Shortcake Candy Garden – for Kids – iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Gameplay VideoStrawberry Shortcake Candy […]

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  • Shabrina Andari Putri 1 year ago

    4:54 '-'

  • Sunset Filza 1 year ago

    aku juga punya

  • Zeta Elliora 1 year ago

    aisyah kamu umur berapa?

  • Dhirwatun Niswah 1 year ago

    aisyah gimana cara bikin cenel youtube sendiri

  • Syahrul Sijabat 1 year ago

    bagus dan seru

  • Birbe birbe 1 year ago


  • Gaby tolong bikinin banana ne on sli me 1 year ago

    Kamu kok gak mau nyiram yg ada gambar air nya

  • Gaby tolong bikinin banana ne on sli me 1 year ago

    Tolong buat squishy collectoin

  • michael luhut 1 year ago


  • idria isnany 1 year ago

    aku gk mau subscribe in km lho ya. krn aku gk suka km

  • Devi Yanty 1 year ago

    aisyah ada yang rikuws squishy dares

  • Yonas Kuragi 1 year ago

    aissya ituuuuuuuu. didepan nya

  • Ghina Rianof 1 year ago

    aisyah tadi ada kupu kupu

  • Fuad Choliq 1 year ago

    assalamualaykum Aisyah Hanifah oh iya YouTube kamu bagus sekali aku suka banget YouTube kamu semua

  • Fuad Choliq 1 year ago

    assalamualaikum ini nama nya ayah ku fuad Choliq tapi yang ngetik aku reva azarine gryselda

  • Fuad Choliq 1 year ago

    Aisyah Hanifah aku boleh ya jadi sahabat kamu plis

  • juni handoko 1 year ago

    aisyah gimana cara like.

  • roxanne tijerina 1 year ago

    Looks cool hiding from little sister

  • GEMS Royal Dubai 1 year ago

    why don't you show your face

  • Ann Walsh 1 year ago

    hello i am 9 and i love your videos so much and i wish i was you so i could do what you do

  • Polly Banks 1 year ago

    What is the recipe for your chocolate cupcakes? They always look so good!!! Love your tutorials! xx

  • Mia Lewis (mama_mia) 1 year ago

    cool show

  • richardsfinalfantasy 1 year ago

    Love these, they're so cute. I think that the smiley face might be too tricky for me, and I think that it looked great without it. 🙂 

  • Rachel Rivera 1 year ago

    I watch your tutorials on my phone and ur butterfly look like a candy crsh saga cupcakes lol

  • Cherry43 1 year ago

    Or maltesers ^_^ yum

  • Cherry43 1 year ago

    You can use crunchy m&ms instead of peanut ones for people that are allergic ^_^

  • Rainbow-Lava 1 year ago

    Is there something else you can use other then peanut m&m's? I'm allergic to peanut :c

  • tomekia fatal 1 year ago

    wish i had watched ur vid when my little one was on the book of the very hungry caterpillar

  • Nanna SV 1 year ago

    I don't think you should give animals liquorice..

  • Zendy Uribe 1 year ago

    ur niece is so talented she also sounds just like u

  • Cece Styles 1 year ago

    I can't have mnm's coz I'm ellergic to nuts so I used smarties/skittles

  • MyCupcakeAddiction 1 year ago

    Great idea!

  • MyCupcakeAddiction 1 year ago

    My niece has a kids cooking channel called "CharlisCraftyKitchen" on youtube – check it out :)

  • MyCupcakeAddiction 1 year ago

    Did your mother make them? If you still have a pic I'd love you to upload it to my facebook page or instagram the links are on my channel home page :)

  • MyCupcakeAddiction 1 year ago

    Wow imagine where you could be in a few years time – follow your dreams x

  • MyCupcakeAddiction 1 year ago

    Thats fantastic! I started baking as a kid and always had a passion for it. If you love something you will find a way to do it!