Check out this freaky tomato. I’ve never seen a tomato growing seedlings from within.

In this Healthy Diggs production we explore the hydroponic grow systems being currently used in the Bernhard back yard. You will see how easy it is to grow and produce fresh food for yourself and family. What growing on with you?

Strange Hydroponic Tomato Has Seedlings Growing Inside

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  • gmaureen

    It just happened to me, the whole bunch of tomatoes were sprouting.  These were "tomatoes on the vine" from the local grocery.  I had never seen this before, and I buy/grow tomatoes year round, so it was very weird.

  • Sassy Green Garden Diva Productions Your A.C.E. (Artistic Culinary Enthusiast)

    WHAT THE HEYYYAAALLLL!!!!  I've got one, too!  I'm posting a video about it in a few seconds!

  • lostaboutnow

    I had this happen several times this year for the very first time in my life….Sixty Five years! So I left one alone and now have a dozen plants growing up out of the one tomato. I'm going to see how far I can take this. But being in Pennsylvania in December, it's going to be quit hard to do this on the window sill. By the way my tomato is stamped from Mexico. Sunset brand.
    From the Sunset website FAQ
    Q: I cut open my tomato and it looks like little sprouts or worms are inside. What is that?
     A: This is a natural occurrence called Vivipary. This can occur when the seeds inside the tomato have sprouted. This sometimes happens when tomatoes are on a warm countertop or are re-exposed to excessive light. The tomato is still completely edible.
    Q: Are SUNSET® products GMO free? A: All of our products are started from seed stock that would not be in the classification of genetically modified organisms. All of our products are from plant hybrids that reproduce the old-fashioned way – by natural plant breeding without any additives.

  • Austdragon

    The same here about a week ago, in Australia. These were commercial tomatoes from a supermarket. I grow organic ones, and have not seen this happen with our organic ones, heritage seeds too.

  • HortonKansas

    Hey Eric White, we have also seen this more and more in peppers over past couple years.

    We use heirloom seeds from various sources family, friends, etc but didn't see first internal growth until 2011. 

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