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Stormwater management – Using green roofs to reduce urban runoff in Iceland Web page: Án texta: Video Rating: / 5 The City of Seattle has about 10 new acres of green space. But these lush open areas aren`t exactly along the beaten path. In fact, they are all above it as green roofs. But aside from general beauty, what benefits do these green roofs provide? Join Producer Nicole Sanchez as she learns about the City`s new green roofs, how they help the environment and how you can take a tour of these lofty spots. For more CityStream videos visit Related PostsLiteN’Less Green Roofs ©2015 Next Level Stormwater ManagementBlue Roofs combined with Green Roofs as Tools for Low Impact Stormwater ManagementLiving Roofs Reduce Stormwater RunoffStormwater Management with EcoCline: Mineral wool in green roofsDrone Video of Vegetated Roofs © 2015 Next Level Stormwater Management “All Rights Reserved”Next Level Stormwater Management Vegetated Roofs

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