If you own a house, a farmhouse, a hotel with a garden, or even need to furnish a public space, such as a small square, and you want to make your outdoor space special and inimitable, you could certainly add a stone fountain as an ornament. .The stone fountains they are used for both urban and private furnishings, and therefore range from the normal stone taps that we see in all the squares, to elegant water features in the gardens of private homes. Because of the material used, such as stone, they are more suitable for outdoor environments as they do not get damaged particularly and are much more resistant than many other materials that can be used to build fountains. elegance and personality to your environment, and for sure they will be the main element of your garden, therefore also the guiding element of the design that is right for you.The stone fountains, as well as the small stone wells have always had a particular importance since ancient times, both for public and private spaces, as they were the only points from which drinking water could be accessed, they were aggregation centers for small towns and gave importance and wealth to private houses that they could afford them. Subsequently, water games acquired great importance, an important attraction and a symbol of refinement. Over time these elements never lost their elegance and importance, they changed function and design slightly but still continue to remain key elements for those who want an impeccable garden decorated in a workmanlike manner, adapting to all types of style thanks to the variety of design.
Stone fountains

If you are already thinking that a stone fountain is for you but you are undecided regarding the design and decorations, you should know that you can find fountains with lines suitable for every style, from rustic to modern, from baroque to that futuristic.

As for the decorations, here are some ideas: for a very original and scenographic effect you could insert a lighting system inside or around the fountain, perhaps with colored lights to create really special water games. To have a more natural effect, you could choose a “waterfall effect” fountain and then reproduce a small stone stream from which the water flows, creating a small hill with natural stones and a basin in which the water will collect. If you have a large enough space instead, you could opt for a fountain with statues from which water gushes, this mode is certainly very elegant, but it would be more appropriate for it to occupy a main role in your garden. For those who prefer relaxation, the Zen fountain is an excellent idea, to be placed in a corner designed specifically for tranquility; consists in making water flow from a bamboo cane, which will then pour into a stone basin in which you could insert aquatic plants, for a completely natural touch. If, on the other hand, you want your stone fountain to fully reflect your tastes, you can contact a craftsman and have the fountain sculpted in the way you prefer, perhaps decorating it with bas-reliefs of fruits, flowers or allegorical images.

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WALL FOUNTAINSYou don’t have a particularly large garden or the central part of your garden is not available for a beautiful ornamental fountain, but you don’t want to give up some water features? No fear! The wall fountain is the one for you. In the simplest case it is composed of a sort of container fixed to the wall in which the water is collected, obviously it can also be placed on a pedestal. Its design can be more or less simple, according to your needs, but unlike the ornamental fountains that must preferably be placed in the center of the garden, it does not require particular decorations and space; there are also angular ones, to adapt to all types of needs.

Although stone is the most suitable material and has always been used for fountains, especially for outdoor, thanks to its greater resistance, it is good to take some precautions so that your fountain does not get damaged at all and continues to be the flagship of yours. garden. It is in fact possible that very delicate stones with rain and bad weather can be damaged in the long run, so if the material you have chosen is not the most resistant, remember to cover it during thunderstorms or when you are not using it. Plus almost all of the stone fountains they need a little maintenance at least twice a year, because with the flow of water and the rain it is easy for algae to form on the bottom; therefore it would be good to empty it and clean it periodically, to avoid damaging the material. While if you think of choosing a waterfall effect fountain, the algae that will form will not necessarily be a disturbing element, but rather, an extra touch of nature. Finally, it is good to know that if the water should flow from small tubes placed inside statues, they too require special maintenance, to prevent them from becoming blocked due to limestone.

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