In this article we will discover what stone flower beds are used for, what advantages you could derive from using them for your garden, how to build them with your hands and the main uses. Of course, the choice of stone flower beds depends a lot on your aesthetic taste, on the combination with all the other ornamental and decorative elements of your garden but above all, do not forget, the needs of the plants you intend to grow inside the flower beds. Yes, because they are the real protagonists of your garden, and their health and well-being depend a lot on how they are hosted, how they are cared for and many other variables! For example, the use of a flowerbed rather than another depends on the soil on which your plant or your flower will be settled. In short, each flowerbed has its specific ornamental and practical purpose: there are some built in brick , concrete, stone, wood, metal, concrete and so on.In this article, we will discover the beautiful and useful stone flower beds
stone flowerbed

stone flowerbedIf you have chosen to install stone flower beds in your garden, you have certainly made a tasteful choice to break the monotony of simple green!

The stone flower beds they have different characteristics that make them ideal for those who want to use them within their green space, according to their needs and taste. For example, stone flower beds can be easily modified, without too much effort and without unnecessary waste of time. It is also possible to move them to another area of ​​the lawn with ease and without necessarily having to ruin the general aesthetics. Yes, because there are many who wish to periodically change the appearance of their green area to make it always new, more attractive and more enviable. Then in this case the choice of stone flowerbeds is for you.In fact, if you are tired of the appearance of your garden and intend to change its aesthetics, all you have to do is remove the clods from the strip where you want to install your flowerbed brand new, using them to close the portions of land that would be visible after the removal of the old flowerbed. The stone flowerbeds are very simple to make and match well, by affinity we could say “elective”, with gardens of all types and tastes, thanks to their constitution and robustness, they also have the advantage of being able to host beautiful and vigorous tall trees inside. Yes, because tall trees generally have a rather important root system. The roots, thick, strong and vigorous, could over time penetrate the soil and advance with force until they literally split the flowerbed. Well, in this case, through the use of stone flower beds, it is really impossible for that to happen. The stone flower beds are in fact strong, sturdy, and perfectly capable of withstanding this kind of “assaults”.

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stone flowerbedBuilding a stone flower bed is quite simple, as long as you have a few free hours and the necessary tools that we are going to describe.

Among the tools and materials needed to build a solid stone flower bed, we must have a meter, a rope and a dozen so-called stakes (sturdy sticks will also do). These will be of fundamental importance when tracing the perimeter within which we are going to place our stone flowerbed. Then, get yourself a pickaxe (a spade or shovel will also be fine, depending on your familiarity with these tools and the resistance of the soil. ) which will be used to dig deep the hole that we will need shortly after. Also get some bags of gravel, which will be indispensable when you have to create the base for the row of stones or the low wall that you are going to build.Of course, you must not forget the fundamental material for the construction of a stone flowerbed: of course, the stones .

After tracing the perimeter of the flower bed, you will proceed by digging a hole to a depth of about ten centimeters. Fill the hole with a layer of gravel.

Arrange the stones starting from the larger ones by describing the perimeter of the flower bed with a first layer. Arrange the second layer by placing the stones in a staggered way compared to the previous ones. Proceed thus arranging them asymmetrically for the rest of the perimeter. In this way, your stone flowerbed will be much more stable over time.You will notice that between one stone and the other there will be empty spaces. You will fill in the empty spaces with smaller stones. Now the space inside the flower bed you have built can be arranged to house the soil that will be used by the plants to grow. Dig and fertilize, and proceed with sowing.The choice of plants and their location for decorative purposes will naturally depend on your particular needs and tastes.


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