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Cleveland mayor Frank Jackson proclaimed January 17, 2015 as “Steve Harvey Day” and renamed a portion of E. 112th Street as “Steve Harvey Way!” Steve’s sisters and brother will joined the mayor along with Steve’s buddies from the neighborhood, some of whom he hasn’t seen in over 20 years! Related PostsShipping container house – Green roof[Electro House] DJ Hydroponic X5 : Lets Get StartedArtists Ackroyd & Harvey Grow Giant Photographs On Living Walls of GrassGardening for Kids and the Pumpkin NEW | Stories for Children from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TVAnimals in the Garden for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Learn English Speaking with Wow English TVSteve Jobs brainstorms with the NeXT team (1985)

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  • stevie geelo 1 year ago

    Me to

  • Bobshouse 1 year ago

    Steve, you're the man!  Got me crying too.  I know I was a little late on this birthday, but let me be one of the first to wish you an even better birthday coming up next year!!!

  • butternutsquashpie 1 year ago

    Grove street. Home.

  • Neel Sawhney 1 year ago

    Amazing. Tears. Tons of tears.

  • bryce murphy 1 year ago

    At 3:27 y is there a boy there

  • Cele2Cuvinte 1 year ago

    "That's my momma's house…!"

  • sonics747 1 year ago

    I'm Human!

  • TiamoPlays Plays 1 year ago


  • Sha Daniel 1 year ago

    he made me cry tho lol

  • Darian Bogard 1 year ago

    Holding those tears like a boss. Must've been hard. Though we'd understand otherwise.

  • Eugene Cabo 1 year ago

    steve harvey is a nice man.

  • nelson kaboots 1 year ago

    I like how this guy isn't afraid to show emotions, takes a real man to cry. Keep up the good work Steve. You deserve all that God has blessed you with

  • Pedro DJ TREK Muniz 1 year ago

    Respect this awesome man .

  • NatouCh111 1 year ago

    He makes me cry the way he did..I can't believe it.

  • Anane Dugbatey 1 year ago

    OMG he is blubbering. Men love their mothers.

  • ejb 84 1 year ago

    he always crying