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Here Stephen Ritz talks about his creative and innovative way that he incorporated vertical gardens in the classroom which resulted in creating remarkable positive outcomes in a Bronx school district that typically experiences low school attendance, high drop out rates and high levels of homelessness and drug use among students and their families. Featured on CNN, Disney Channel and other networks, Ritz has dedicated his life to spreading the word that our children are our future and are worth investing in. And, they need healthy whole foods to be able to excel in school, life and in their careers. After speaking with Ritz at recent conference in Newport Beach, California, Rockey had an idea: He would encourage his circle of friends, extended family and patients to take up gardening as a fun activity and hobby for the summer. By doing so, families would experience a new way to engage with their children, spouse and neighbors. “In my experience, our vertical garden has added new conversations with our boys and friends. We have made healthy nutrition fun. Really fun! From “Salad in a Jar” parties to bring-your-favorite-dish made with food that’s been grown in your garden parties, to fun potlucks that feature the best tasting salads and entres, we are finding that healthy nutrition has gone beyond a fun family hobby and evolved into a healthy lifestyle that’s fun. To learn more about the Tower Garden by JuicePlus, visit Dana Rockey, DMD is a dentist located in Newport Beach, serving surrounding communities of Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Irvine, Crystal Cove, Balboa Beach and other Orange County areas. Related PostsTower Gardens® at The Green Bronx MachineStephen Ritz Teaching by Nuturing Minds & Gardens | Office DepotWhere in the World is Stephen Ritz?Stephen Ritz Keynote Trailer for the Virtual […]

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  • Molly Dixon 1 year ago

    Stephen Ritz is an AMAZING individual proving that ONE person truly CAN make a difference!

  • GiGi Ramirez 1 year ago

    Hello Mr. Ritz! I wanted to share with you my admiration for your program. You are changing so many lives as these kids will grow up to teach their kids about the miracle of life and food. You are right, most of these kids do not know what real food looks like and in a society where most foods are packaged and pumped with preservatives and additives, you are opening a door for this kids so that they recognize the difference between good and bad food. This is so very important and our society has neglected to teach these useful farming practices to our kids. Thank you so much! You are one of those beings that come into this world to make positive changes. Also, I think that you are also teaching these kids how to respect all forms of life in the process. They will learn how to appreciate life and how to conserve in the process. Also, I love your bow ties. Very stylish and fashionable.

  • Robert Cyr 1 year ago

    We need more of this in our country! This is awesome!

  • coachkaren1 1 year ago

    Love him & his work.