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Hi Youtubers! this is my last video about shingles installations, we do about 2 shingle jobs per week, this week we started this house on tuesday , removal, wednesday plywood installation, thursday and friday shingles installation on the main house, barely walkable, please use your harness at all time, I do this all the time , so I take my precautions before I step on any roof. Related PostsSteep roof installation , how to do it.How To : Installing a new roof over a Very STEEP ROOF, using roof jacks and a lot of guts!Steep Green Roof“Roof Installation: How To Shingle a Valley (HD)” by RoofRepair101Bioroof Green Roof InstallationNew Roofing – Roof 90lb hotmop Installation and Roof tile loading


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  • Richard Griffith 1 year ago

    only thing I notice about your valley is your starter row on the metal follows a chalk line snapped parallel to the center of the valley. as water collects in the valley the volume of water increases near the bottom so at the top the line should be one inch from the center and at the bottom it should be further away approximately 1 1/2 inch over twenty feet. this allows water to shed properly and flow as the gap expands toward the bottom. This also decreases capillary action. I like your work.

  • Matt O 1 year ago

    It looks good but california style valley cutting is a cheat and where is the logic: I don't use a harness on the roof but I have a hardhat on, on the roof. Lol. Good vids though all together keep it up! 🙂 and that short row @ 8:56 could've been avoided by dropping 3-4 rows before your tie in slightly so as to not have one that is so noticeable…

  • duckrob4 1 year ago

    Mr Garcia, What exactly are your "special shoes"? i hear that like skateboarding shoes work really well on roofs

  • Eric M 1 year ago

    8:57 you cheated that one row almost half way down the shingle :P…lol

  • Marcos Rodriguez 1 year ago

    short course on top and Ridge cooked

  • Matthew Wrightsman 1 year ago

    good job

  • Matthew Wrightsman 1 year ago

    i love mexicans

  • juan jimenez 1 year ago

    muy buen trabajo dejando los clavos en el join. liqueo seguro.

  • loadi2 1 year ago

    that is hard work my friend….you sure did a lovely job.

  • akaredcrossbow 1 year ago

    Is the chimney finished. The Chimney is to short. No terra cotta tile liner inside the chimney.

  • akaredcrossbow 1 year ago

    What shoes do you use? Thank You

  • Michael Burton 1 year ago

    There was a very low course

  • Maxwell Ruiz 1 year ago

    Do you have any "How to" videos on metal ridged roofing on motor homes?

  • freethinker52 1 year ago

    hi what do you use for shoes on something that steep?

  • Daddy Gonzalez 1 year ago

    can fat ppl be roofers

  • Daddy Gonzalez 1 year ago

    can fat ppl be roofers

  • Tim Cardenas 1 year ago

    makes the house look cleaner

  • Jonathan medrano 1 year ago

    como andamos amigo eric. oiga yo soy supplier de shingles . If u can do a video when the roof suppliers areive and deliver shinglea ill be very greatfull . Thanks bro

  • c edward 1 year ago

    So your reason for not removing the slats is that it would take too long?  Then why waste money on radiant barrier if it ain't going to work?